Adrian Lam: Leigh Leopards boss ‘nearly fainted’ when son Lachlan kicked Challenge Cup-winning drop-goal

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Adrian Lam, the manager of Leigh Leopards, expressed his astonishment and excitement when his son Lachlan kicked the winning drop-goal to secure the team’s first Challenge Cup victory in 52 years. The moment was particularly dramatic as Gareth O’Brien and Brad Schneider had missed previous opportunities to secure the win. Lam revealed that the team had initially planned for O’Brien to take the decisive kick, but if he felt under pressure, they would turn to Lachlan. Speaking on BBC Radio Manchester, Lam recounted his thoughts during the crucial moment, admitting that he nearly fainted as he watched the ball sail through the posts. He described it as a moment of fate and belief.

Lam has been a key figure in Leigh’s rise to success since taking charge less than two years ago. Following his leadership, the club was promoted to the top level and rebranded as the Leopards. Currently, they are performing well in the Super League, sitting in third place. Lam’s remarkable achievements include leading Leigh to victory in the 1895 Cup, Championship, and now the Challenge Cup in quick succession. When asked about the prospects for continued success, Lam emphasized that the team was focused on the future and not getting too ahead of themselves. With six games remaining in the season, he believed they were in a good position to make a strong push for further success. Lam acknowledged the importance of finding their rhythm and momentum in the final three games, even if they encounter difficulties in the preceding weeks.

Leigh Leopards are currently only four points behind Super League leaders, Catalans Dragons. Their next game on Saturday will be a crucial showdown against Catalans Dragons, providing an opportunity to narrow the gap and potentially take the top spot. As the team prepares for this important match, Lam’s optimism and confidence shine through. He believes that if his players can find their rhythm and momentum at the right time, they have a real chance to challenge for the Super League title.

The remarkable journey of Leigh Leopards, under the guidance of Adrian Lam, has captivated fans and observers alike. Their recent victory in the Challenge Cup is a testament to their hard work, belief, and determination. As the season progresses, all eyes will be on Leigh Leopards, eagerly awaiting their next triumph and witnessing their continued rise in the world of rugby league.

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