Man Accused of Using Chair in Alabama Riverfront Brawl Is Charged

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A man named Reggie Ray, 42, turned himself in to the Montgomery Police Department in Alabama on Friday. He was charged with disorderly conduct, making him the fifth person to be charged in connection with a brawl that took place last weekend. The incident gained national attention due to its racial overtones.

Details about Reggie Ray’s involvement in the incident are not clear at this time, as calls made to his phone were not returned. It’s also unclear if he has legal representation.

Reggie Ray’s arrest comes after four other individuals were charged with assault in relation to the brawl. The altercation began at Riverfront Park in Montgomery when a pontoon boat occupied a space designated for the Harriott II, a riverboat cruise. The captain of the Harriott II repeatedly asked the pontoon boat to move, but they responded with gestures, cursing, and taunting.

To resolve the issue, Dameion Pickett, a co-captain of the Harriott, was taken by a small boat to the dock to talk to the pontoon owners. However, when he attempted to move the pontoon, he was confronted and attacked by the boat owners. This prompted the crew and bystanders of the Harriott to come to his defense, leading to a melee.

Videos of the incident circulated on social media, capturing the attention of many. One of the videos showed Reggie Ray using a folding chair to strike a white man and a white woman. Another video depicted one of the white men punching Mr. Pickett, who was then assaulted by other white boaters.

During the week, four individuals turned themselves in to the police. Identified as Allen Todd, Zachery Shipman, Richard Roberts, and Mary Todd, each of them faced charges related to assault. Allen Todd and Zachery Shipman were charged with third-degree assault, Richard Roberts with two counts of third-degree assault, and Mary Todd with third-degree assault.

Mayor Steven L. Reed, Montgomery’s recently elected first Black mayor, addressed the incident on Facebook. He emphasized the city’s commitment to protecting its citizens and ensuring that anyone who violates the safety of the community will face justice.

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