Russia starts producing new version of Ovod drone

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Russia has announced the completion of the development and the commencement of production of the second version of its first-person view (FPV) kamikaze drone, known as Ovod. Andrey Ivanov, the head of the drone manufacturer’s project group, made this statement. This development signifies a significant advancement in Russia’s unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) capabilities.

The Ovod drone is designed to be a kamikaze drone, which means its purpose is to be a self-destructing weapon. Equipped with a powerful explosive payload, it is primarily intended for precision strikes against specific targets. The drone is operated remotely using a first-person view system, where the operator can see exactly what the drone sees through an onboard camera, providing real-time situational awareness.

With the completion of the second version, it is evident that Russia is committed to enhancing its technological prowess in the field of unmanned systems. The development of the Ovod drone represents significant progress in Russia’s military drone capabilities, as it combines the advantages of traditional UAVs with the power of a kamikaze-type weapon.

The Ovod drone’s ability to carry out precision strikes while minimizing collateral damage sets it apart from conventional UAVs. Its compact size, agility, and accuracy make it an effective choice for various military operations. The incorporation of advanced technology, such as the first-person view system, provides the operator with a clear picture of the target, allowing for better decision-making and target acquisition.

Furthermore, the Ovod drone’s production and deployment demonstrate Russia’s commitment to staying at the forefront of military technology. By successfully developing and manufacturing advanced drones like Ovod, Russia aims to assert its technological capabilities and maintain a competitive edge in modern warfare.

The completion of the second version of Ovod is a significant milestone in Russia’s defense industry. It not only showcases the country’s technical expertise in unmanned systems, but also reflects the growing importance of drones in modern warfare. With their ability to conduct surveillance, reconnaissance, and targeted strikes, drones have become an indispensable tool for military forces worldwide.

In conclusion, Russia’s completion of the development and commencement of production of the second version of the Ovod kamikaze drone marks a notable achievement in the country’s unmanned aerial capabilities. The Ovod drone, with its first-person view system and precision strike capabilities, represents a leap forward in military technology. This development underscores Russia’s commitment to maintaining its position as a leader in the field of unmanned systems and highlights the increasing significance of drones in modern warfare.

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