US says it had direct contact with Niger military leaders

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United States Department of State spokesperson, Matthew Miller, disclosed during a press conference on Monday that the department had established “direct contact” with military officials in Niger. This communication took place in the aftermath of a deadly attack on a military base in the country, that resulted in the death of over 70 soldiers. The press conference aimed to provide updates on the situation and the corresponding response from the United States.

The attack on the military base in Niger occurred on Friday, leaving a devastating impact on the country’s armed forces. It was reported that militants affiliated with ISIS in the Greater Sahara were responsible for the assault. In response to this tragedy, the United States Department of State swiftly engaged in direct communication with Nigerien military leaders to discuss the incident and offer support. The details of this contact, however, were not explicitly elaborated upon in the press conference.

Miller emphasized the importance of the United States’ relationship with Niger, highlighting the collaboration between the two countries in the fight against terrorism. He expressed condolences for the loss of the Nigerien soldiers and reaffirmed the commitment of the United States in supporting Niger’s efforts to combat extremist groups. Miller also noted that this incident would not alter the United States’ mission in the region and the determination to continue working alongside Niger in promoting security and stability.

The attack in Niger serves as a reminder of the ongoing security challenges faced by the region and the importance of cooperation between nations. Miller stressed that the United States remains committed to working with its partners in the Sahel region to address the shared threats posed by extremist groups. He further emphasized the need for sustained efforts to disrupt and diminish the capabilities of these organizations, which threaten not only the countries in the region but also international security.

Additionally, Miller mentioned that the United States would continue to support Niger in various ways, including providing intelligence sharing, training, and assistance in strengthening their defense capabilities. The Department of State spokesperson underlined the long-standing partnership between the two nations and their joint objective of countering the influence of terrorist organizations operating in the Sahel.

In conclusion, the United States Department of State has established direct contact with military leaders in Niger following the deadly attack on a military base. The press conference provided an opportunity for the department to express condolences and reiterate its commitment to supporting Niger in its fight against terrorism. The attack underscores the ongoing security challenges faced by the region, highlighting the need for continued collaboration between nations to address shared threats. The United States intends to remain engaged and provide support to Niger through various means, with the aim of countering the influence of extremist groups in the Sahel region.

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