Who Is David Weiss, Special Counsel Overseeing the Hunter Biden Investigation?

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David C. Weiss, the U.S. attorney for Delaware, has found himself in an unexpected career turn with the Hunter Biden case. Known for his tough and competitive nature, Weiss has earned a reputation as a hard man to strike out in local softball leagues. Originally appointed by President Donald J. Trump, he was kept in his position by the Biden administration to prevent accusations of political meddling within the Justice Department.

Weiss grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia and attended Cheltenham High School, which counts notable figures such as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, baseball Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson, and conservative commentator Mark Levin among its graduates. He went on to graduate from Washington University in St. Louis and completed law school at Widener University in Wilmington, Del. Weiss then worked as a prosecutor in the Delaware U.S. attorney’s office for two extended periods, handling various cases. One notable investigation involved a businessman who pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations after illegally bundling contributions for President Biden’s unsuccessful 2008 White House bid.

Although now graying and wearing glasses, Weiss once bore a striking resemblance to singer Tony Orlando. In early 2018, after his unanimous confirmation by the Senate, his colleagues celebrated him with a blown-up photo from the 1970s, featuring Weiss with long hair parted in the center. Up until now, he has been a noncontroversial figure, garnering support from both of Delaware’s Democratic senators when he was nominated by Trump. Senator Chris Coons described Weiss as a dedicated public servant and valued member of the law enforcement community.

When announcing Weiss’s nomination, Trump stated that he would share the president’s vision for “Making America Safe Again.” People who know Weiss believe that the Hunter Biden case, despite being the most prominent investigation under his oversight, may not be the defining moment of his career.

However, in the late 1990s, while in private practice, Weiss invested his time in the disappearance of Anne Marie Fahey, a secretary for Delaware’s governor. At the request of Fahey’s family, Weiss persuaded his friends in the U.S. attorney’s office to join the local investigation. Eventually, this led to the conviction of Thomas Capano, a former boyfriend of Fahey’s and a well-connected former Delaware deputy attorney general, for her murder. Ostrander, who worked with Weiss on this case, regards it as Weiss’s most important, recalling their daily contact for months as they navigated the complexities of the trial.

In summary, David C. Weiss, known for his tough and competitive nature, was unexpectedly thrust into the Hunter Biden case. Despite this high-profile investigation, Weiss has had a long and noncontroversial career as a prosecutor and commercial lawyer. His most significant case, according to those who know him, was the investigation into the disappearance and murder of Anne Marie Fahey. While the Biden case may have brought Weiss into the spotlight, it may not ultimately define his legacy.

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