‘Big Brother’ Expels Luke Valentine For Using Racial Slur

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After using a racial slur, the illustrator, Valentine, immediately apologized to the three other men present. However, two of the men were clearly shocked and left the room. The remaining man, Jared Fields, who is Black, stayed quiet but responded to Valentine by pointing out that the slur can make white people more uncomfortable than Black people. Valentine acknowledged his mistake and said to Fields, “Well, I’m in trouble now.”

Fields, being the only Black male in the situation, felt unsure about how to react. He expressed his hesitation, saying, “My nonreaction in the moment, being the only Black male in this house, I don’t know what to say. Anything I say or do can come across wrong or aggressive.” Despite this, Fields also stated that he does not associate ignorance with malice.

Valentine took to Instagram, where he is followed by other “Big Brother” contestants, to post an apology on his story. Alongside a photo of himself, he added a prayer hands emoji and wrote, “Luke made a big mistake, please forgive him.”

Andy Herren, the winner of Season 15 of “Big Brother,” commended CBS for expelling Valentine. He emphasized the significance of taking action against years of problematic behavior and language on the show. Herren’s tweet suggested that the expulsion of Valentine would bring about changes in the future.

It should be noted that “Big Brother,” now in its 25th season, has faced previous instances of racism among its contestants. For instance, Jackson Michie, the winner of Season 21, was questioned about accusations of racist and sexist behavior during a live television interview. Though he initially defended himself, he later apologized and admitted to his mistakes. Similarly, Aaryn Gries, a Season 15 contestant, faced scrutiny from host Chen Moonves after being caught on camera making racist and homophobic remarks.

Overall, the recent incident involving Valentine’s use of a racial slur sparked immediate apologies and expressions of discomfort from those present. The response from Jared Fields, in particular, highlighted the complex dynamics that arise when addressing such issues. CBS’s decision to expel Valentine has been praised as a crucial step towards addressing the history of racism within the “Big Brother” franchise.

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