Amanda Abbington hits back at transphobia accusations after joining Strictly Come Dancing lineup

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Amanda Abbington has faced accusations of being transphobic ahead of her appearance on the upcoming season of Strictly Come Dancing. The Sherlock actor is one of several celebrities set to compete in the long-running ballroom dance competition show, including Angela Rippon, Layton Williams, Krishnan Guru-Murthy, and Eddie Kadi. However, concerns have been raised by some potential viewers of the show following Abbington’s tweets earlier this year about drag queens. In March, Abbington criticized a baby sensory and cabaret show aimed at parents and infants, stating that it was not appropriate for babies and suggesting that there was something wrong with people who disagreed with her opinion. This led to backlash and Abbington subsequently left Twitter.

To address the controversy, Abbington posted a video on Instagram in which she clarified her stance on drag performers. She expressed her love for drag as an art form and praised the entertainment value of drag queens. She mentioned that her son had played a drag queen character in the musical Everybody’s Talking About Jamie and had done a wonderful job. Abbington then explained that her tweet in March was not about drag itself, but rather about a 12-year-old performing in an adult context. She felt that the performance was overly sexualized for a young child and disagreed with it.

Abbington was adamant that her criticism of the specific situation did not reflect her views on the transgender community. She stated that she is not transphobic and has always supported the legitimate transgender community. However, she expressed concern that there are individuals who have infiltrated the community with the intention of causing harm and creating division. Abbington made it clear that she stands by any trans person who feels persecuted, unheard, or unseen.

The Independent has sought comment from both Amanda Abbington and the BBC regarding the controversy.

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