Bull movie: Netflix hit’s ending

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Netflix subscribers are divided over the ending of the streaming service’s latest number one film, “Bull.” Netflix regularly adds new original releases and licensed titles to its platform. One of the recent licensed acquisitions that has garnered attention is “Bull,” a violent revenge thriller starring Neil Maskell. Directed by Paul Andrew Williams, the film follows Maskell’s character as he takes down members of his former gang to find his son. The film has drawn comparisons to Shane Meadows’ “Dead Man’s Shoes,” but it sets itself apart with its unique ending.

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

Throughout the film, the gang members Bull is hunting are shocked to discover his return. It is revealed that they all conspired to kill Bull in the past, and they succeeded. In the closing moments of the film, previous scenes are replayed to show Bull with completely black eyes, hinting that he made a deal with the devil to avenge his death after being killed.

The ending of “Bull” has polarized audiences. Some viewers were impressed by the unexpected twist. One viewer wrote, “Just watched ‘Bull’ on Netflix. It’s mad. Nobody will see the ending coming,” while another concurred, “That’s quite the twist.” Another Netflix user described the ending as incredible.

However, not all viewers were pleased with the twist. Some believed that it spoiled the film. One viewer expressed disappointment in the ending, calling it “silly.” Another went as far as to call it “the worst ending to a film” they had ever seen.

At the time of writing, “Bull” has been dethroned from the top spot in the most-watched charts by the arrival of “Ghostbusters: Afterlife.” Another film released on Netflix this weekend received negative reviews from “The Independent,” describing it as “drab” and “disappointing.”

In addition to the film controversy, Netflix subscribers have also been saddened by the news that a beloved series will come to an unexpected end next month.

Netflix continues to offer a wide range of content, with each release sparking conversations among viewers. Whether it’s a thrilling film like “Bull” or an unexpected ending to a series, Netflix consistently delivers entertainment that captivates its subscriber base.

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