Claim to Fame: Jimmy Carter’s grandson says former president is ‘really sick’ following exit

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Contestant Hugo Wentzel, who was forced to exit the hit ABC reality competition series “Claim to Fame,” revealed that his grandfather, former US President Jimmy Carter, is “really sick.” The popular game show, hosted by Kevin and Frankie Jonas, features a group of celebrity relatives competing for a $100,000 prize. Contestants must conceal their identity and lineage while participating in challenges.

In the latest episode, Hugo competed against fellow contestant Chris. However, he incorrectly guessed Elton John as Chris’s famous relative and was eliminated from the show. Before leaving, Hugo shocked the cast by revealing that he is the grandchild of former President Jimmy Carter, who served from 1977 to 1981.

In a heartfelt speech to the group, Hugo shared that his grandfather had recently entered home hospice care. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Hugo, the son of Carter’s daughter Amy, provided an update on his grandfather’s health. He mentioned that although Carter’s condition is deteriorating, he still has a sharp mind and loves listening to audiobooks. Hugo expressed his love and admiration for his grandfather, emphasizing that he is both sick and aging.

At 98 years old, Carter is currently the longest-lived US President. In February, he made the decision to receive home hospice care and forgo further medical intervention after several hospital stays. Since filming the show, Hugo has found it increasingly difficult to visit his grandfather, but he reassured that Carter knows he is loved and supported during this time.

In May, it was announced that Carter’s wife, former First Lady Rosalynn Carter, has been diagnosed with dementia at the age of 95. Hugo also shared his thoughts on his grandmother, mentioning that she sometimes forgets what’s going on, but when she remembers, it’s incredible. He expressed his love and admiration for her, highlighting her contributions to mental health and describing her as an amazing woman and grandmother.

Carter and Rosalynn have been married since 1947 and have four children together: Amy, Jack, James, and Donnel.

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