John Whaite says he almost fell victim to Strictly ‘curse’ after ‘falling in love’ with Johannes Radebe

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John Whaite has recently opened up about his experience on the show “Strictly Come Dancing” and how he almost fell victim to what is commonly referred to as “the Strictly curse”. This popular belief suggests that participating on the show, whether as a celebrity or a professional dancer, jeopardizes the stability of one’s existing relationship.

In 2021, John Whaite, the winner of the Great British Bake Off, joined the BBC competition and was paired with Johannes Radebe, marking the show’s first same-sex pairing. Their off-screen camaraderie and on-screen chemistry quickly gained them a dedicated fan base. However, Whaite has admitted that this closeness led him to develop feelings for Radebe, despite being engaged to his partner of 15 years, Paul Atkins.

Whaite spoke candidly about this experience in an interview with The Times, confessing, “I fell in love with him. I can’t speak for him – because I’m not allowed to, legally – but it felt like there was love there.” Whaite emphasized that he was open about his feelings with his fiancé, Atkins, as he believed it was important for him to understand. He challenged the traditional notion of love, stating that the heart can divide its affection among multiple people and that these loves are not mutually exclusive.

After the conclusion of Strictly, Whaite and Atkins temporarily spent some time apart. Atkins moved back in with his parents while Whaite coped with the separation by indulging in alcohol. However, the couple has since reconciled. Whaite now makes a conscious effort to maintain distance from Radebe, recognizing that he needs to consider more than just his own desires. He acknowledges the significance of what he and Radebe shared but understands the sacrifices he must make for his relationship with Atkins.

The concept of the Strictly curse gained notoriety in 2018 when comedian Seann Walsh was photographed kissing his dance partner, Katya Jones, despite being in a committed relationship. This scandalous incident further fueled the belief that participating in Strictly can detrimentally impact one’s existing relationship.

In conclusion, John Whaite’s experience on Strictly Come Dancing serves as a prime example of the potential challenges faced by participants and the alleged curse associated with the show. Despite developing feelings for his dance partner, Whaite prioritizes his relationship and strives to maintain boundaries. The notion of the Strictly curse continues to capture public interest, and Whaite’s story adds another layer to this ongoing narrative.

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