Julian Sands: Hikers who found lost actor’s body recount discovery

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A group of local hikers who found the body of British actor Julian Sands in California’s Mount Baldy region have spoken about the discovery for the first time. Sands’ remains were discovered in late June, more than five months after he failed to return from a hike on 13 January. The cause of his death has been ruled as “undetermined” by coroners. Despite extensive search efforts, the search for Sands was hindered by poor weather conditions that lasted through spring.

The hikers, who declined media requests out of respect for Sands’ family, agreed to speak to the LA Times in order to educate others about the dangers of hiking and the importance of proper equipment. They described the discovery as surreal. They first discovered a boot, then hiking poles, before stumbling upon the actor’s remains.

One of the hikers noted that Sands was dressed in bright colors, which are encouraged to help hikers stand out to rescuers in case of trouble. They also noticed that Sands was wearing microspike shoes instead of crampons, which would have provided better grip on the icy terrain he was facing. Additionally, there was no sign of a helmet or an ice axe.

During the time of Sands’ disappearance, severe winter storms had hit California, leading to the deaths and disappearances of multiple other hikers. Sands had his cellphone with him, but the Mt Baldy region rarely offers hikers signal. The hikers who found him were able to call for help using a GPS device, which Sands did not have.

A week before Sands’ remains were found, his family released a statement expressing their gratitude to the search teams and coordinators who had tirelessly worked to find him. They described Sands as a wonderful father, husband, explorer, and lover of the natural world and the arts.

Sands had appeared in over 150 films and TV series throughout his life, including several Oscar winners. He was best known for his role in the 1985 Merchant Ivory romance “A Room with a View.” Sands is survived by his wife, writer Evgenia Citkowitz, their two sons, and another son from his first marriage.

In conclusion, the local hikers who discovered Julian Sands’ body in California’s Mount Baldy region have shared their experience for the first time. They emphasized the importance of proper hiking equipment and highlighted the challenges of hiking in harsh weather conditions. Sands’ family expressed their gratitude to the search teams and remembered him as a loving and adventurous individual. The actor leaves behind a rich legacy in the film industry.

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