Kelly Clarkson has explicit reaction to a female fan’s suggestive sign

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Kelly Clarkson recently started her own Las Vegas residency, and during one of her shows, she had a funny interaction with a female fan. The fan held up a sign that said, “My girlfriend gave me a hall pass for you.” In slang terms, a “hall pass” refers to a person who a couple has agreed one of them can have a sexual encounter with outside of their relationship. Clarkson read the sign and responded by saying, “If I was into chicks, I’d take up the offer.” However, she quickly added, “I just unfortunately like d***s.”

Clarkson’s residency, called Chemistry, coincides with the release of her recent album of the same name. She wrote the album during her divorce from her husband of seven years, Brandon Blackstock. The couple married in 2013 but announced their divorce in 2020. They have two children together, River Rose and Remy.

In a previous interview, Clarkson opened up about her decision to stay in her marriage for as long as she did. She admitted that her ego played a role in her choice, believing that she could control her actions and reactions to make the relationship work. However, eventually, she realized that staying together for the sake of their children wasn’t the best decision.

While Clarkson wants her ex-husband to spend time with their kids, she recognizes the importance of prioritizing herself. She acknowledged that being selfish, which is rare for her, was necessary for her own well-being. Clarkson explained that she had always been taught to have a servant’s heart and put others first, so it was difficult for her to shift her focus onto her own needs.

Overall, Clarkson’s Las Vegas residency is off to a great start. Her humorous response to the fan with the “hall pass” sign added a lighthearted moment to the show. Meanwhile, she continues to navigate her personal life and find a balance between caring for her children and prioritizing herself.

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