Kevin Spacey co-star Lauren Metcalfe says hiring actor before sex assault acquittal was ‘risk worth taking’

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Welsh actor Lauren Metcalfe, known for her role in and production of the film Control, has revealed that casting Kevin Spacey in the movie was a risk. Spacey was hired for the film after being cleared of sexual assault charges in the US in 2022. However, he was still under investigation for nine sexual assault claims in the UK at the time. Metcalfe explained that the decision to cast Spacey was based on the fact that he had been cleared in the US and a desire to avoid participating in cancel culture.

Metcalfe acknowledged that his casting was a risky move but stated that it was a risk they were willing to take. The producing team extensively discussed the pros and cons of the decision, considering factors such as how it would impact the movie and their careers. Metcalfe described the experience of working with Spacey as “incredible” and one of the highlights of her career, expressing gratitude for his involvement in the film.

Following the initial accusations against Spacey, he was fired by Netflix and replaced in the final season of House of Cards by Robin Wright. He was also replaced by Christopher Plummer in Ridley Scott’s All the Money in the World. Spacey denied the nine charges of sexual assault, spanning from 2001 to 2013. After the verdict, he expressed feeling humbled by the outcome.

Control, the film in which Metcalfe and Spacey co-star, revolves around a politician whose car is remotely hijacked, with Spacey providing the voice for the mysterious hijacker.

Overall, the decision to cast Spacey in Control was a controversial one due to the ongoing investigations against him. However, the producing team felt that since he had been cleared in the US, it was important to base their decision on facts rather than succumbing to cancel culture. Despite the risks involved, Metcalfe and her team were willing to take a chance on Spacey and are grateful for the opportunity to work with him. The final verdict on Spacey’s career and reputation remains unclear, but his involvement in Control certainly generated significant attention and debate.

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