Mel B supports Mary Earps over ‘disgusting’ World Cup kit controversy

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Mel B has weighed in on a controversial issue that has arisen during the Women’s World Cup. The tournament, co-hosted by Australia and New Zealand, began on July 20. The Lionesses, who emerged victorious at the Euros last year, have won both of their matches so far, defeating Haiti and Denmark 1-0. However, Nike caused outrage among fans when it was revealed that they would not be selling Mary Earps’ England goalkeeper jersey, despite being the team’s official kit supplier. Earps, 30, publicly called out Nike during a press conference in Brisbane, expressing her disappointment and hurt over the decision. According to reports, Nike justified their choice by citing “commercial strategy”.

The controversy surrounding this issue was discussed on the July 28 episode of The Last Leg. Host Adam Hills pointed out that Nike had decided not to produce a goalkeeper kit for the World Cup because they believed there was no demand for it, despite Mary Earps being the best goalkeeper in the world. Hills emphasized that fans are being denied the opportunity to wear Earps’ shirt, expressing disbelief and anger at the situation. Mel B, appearing as a guest on the show, voiced her agreement with Hills, labeling the situation as “terrible” and “not good”. She expressed her anger and frustration, stating that if someone is a fan of football, especially the Lionesses, they would want to buy Earps’ shirt. The former Spice Girl humorously referenced the band’s motto of “Girl power”, saying that it should be “goal power” instead.

Co-host Alex Brooker chimed in, highlighting the hypocrisy of fans being able to easily purchase the England men’s goalie jersey. Mel B responded with further frustration, calling it a “disgusting disgrace” that Earps’ shirt is not available. The discussion also brought attention to the fact that women’s Super League clubs in England, such as Chelsea, Manchester City, Aston Villa, Liverpool, and Manchester United, all sell women’s goalkeeper kits, with Earps’ shirt being the third best-selling on Manchester United’s website. Furthermore, the women’s team in Australia has sold more official kits than the men’s team during and since the last World Cup.

Sports pundit Laura Woods, who covers the Women’s World Cup for ITV, took to Twitter to express her support for Earps. She questioned the decision not to produce and sell England goalkeeper shirts when Earps is the reigning FIFA Best GK and a reigning European Champion, describing it as a strange choice. Earps herself revealed that she has been trying to find a solution with the FA and Nike but has been unsuccessful. She expressed her disappointment, noting the impact on her family and teammates who are unable to purchase her shirt. Earps described the current situation as hurtful and admitted that her loved ones will now wear normal clothes instead of showing their support.

In conclusion, the controversy surrounding Nike’s decision not to sell Mary Earps’ England goalkeeper jersey during the Women’s World Cup has sparked outrage among fans and garnered attention from notable figures. The lack of availability of the shirt has been deemed unfair, and many are questioning the reasoning behind Nike’s choice. Earps and her supporters are expressing their disappointment and frustration over the issue, highlighting the impact it has on her personally and the wider football community.

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