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The microphone which was thrown by Cardi B at a fan during her Las Vegas show has been successfully sold at auction for an astonishing $99,900. The incident occurred when the rapper, during her performance, was unexpectedly hit by what appeared to be water from a fan. In response, she retaliated by hurling the microphone into the crowd. Scott Fisher, the proud owner of the audio production company that the microphone belongs to, had previously revealed to TMZ that the proceeds from the sale would be donated to charitable causes. Following an intense bidding war on eBay, the item eventually fetched a hefty sum of nearly $100,000.

The shocking incident took place during one of Cardi B’s high-energy performances in Las Vegas. As the artist was passionately engaged in her act, a fan decided to aim what seemed to be water at her. This unexpected act of aggression clearly provoked the rapper, prompting her to respond in an impulsive manner. With her emotions running high, Cardi B instinctively picked up the microphone and threw it back into the crowd, effectively releasing her frustration on an unsuspecting member of the audience.

The microphone, which played a pivotal role in this controversial moment, was in fact the property of Scott Fisher, the owner of an esteemed audio production company. Taking advantage of the attention the incident garnered, Fisher recognized an opportunity to benefit worthy causes by putting the notorious microphone up for auction. With the proceeds promised to go towards charitable endeavors, this sale undoubtedly became highly anticipated.

Promptly after the microphone was listed on eBay, excitement and interest quickly spread among fans and collectors alike. The item attracted more than 120 bids, with individuals eagerly participating in the chance to own an extraordinary piece of musical history. As the auction progressed, the bidding became increasingly fierce, indicating the significance attached to this unexpected and infamous event. Finally, after the intense competition, the microphone was sold for the remarkable sum of nearly $100,000, leaving many astonished by the incredible value it had attained.

The conclusion of this auction marks both the end of a captivating chapter and the beginning of a new opportunity to contribute to charitable endeavors. Thanks to the generosity of the winning bidder, the substantial funds raised will be allocated towards worthy causes that will undoubtedly make a tangible difference. While this incident may have started as a moment of frustration and retaliation, it has ultimately resulted in an extraordinary outcome that will benefit those in need.

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