Michael Imperioli says Morrissey’s exile from music industry is ‘similar’ to Sinead O’Connor’s

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US actor Michael Imperioli has drawn parallels between the music careers of Morrissey and the late Irish singer Sinead O’Connor. O’Connor’s funeral recently took place in her hometown following her death at the age of 56. While she achieved global fame in 1990 with her cover of Prince’s “Nothing Compares 2 U,” she struggled with fame and faced intense criticism for her outspoken views. Similarly, Morrissey has faced accusations of bigotry and racism throughout his career. Imperioli, known for his roles in “The Sopranos” and “The White Lotus,” praised Morrissey’s uncompromising nature as an artist and agreed with his assessment of O’Connor’s treatment by the music industry.

In a diatribe on his website after O’Connor’s passing, Morrissey criticized the industry for abandoning her despite her success, and accused them of only offering praise now that it is too late. He claimed that they did not have the courage to support her when she was alive and looking for their support. Morrissey has faced his own controversies, including his support for the far-right anti-Islam party For Britain in 2019 and comments that were interpreted as racist. He also claimed to have been dropped by his record labels.

Imperioli, however, defended Morrissey and questioned the extent of his alleged racism. He stated that he personally did not find Morrissey’s comments to be overtly racist, and spoke of the people he knows who have worked with Morrissey and consider him to be non-racist. Imperioli believes that Morrissey deserves the support of a record label and sees similarities between his situation and O’Connor’s.

In conclusion, Imperioli compares the experiences of Morrissey and O’Connor in the music industry. Both artists faced criticism and controversy, and Imperioli praises Morrissey’s talent as a lyricist and his unyielding dedication to his art. However, he also acknowledges the accusations against Morrissey and the challenges he has faced in his career. Ultimately, Imperioli believes that Morrissey, like O’Connor, should have the support of a record label despite the controversies surrounding him.

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