Paramore forced to cancel remaining US concerts due to Hayley Williams’s lung infection

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Paramore, the rock band, has been forced to cancel the remaining shows on their This Is Why tour in the United States. Lead vocalist Hayley Williams explained that she is unable to continue due to a persistent lung infection that she is physically unable to overcome. The group had previously rescheduled four shows in Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco, citing illness within the touring party. Williams disclosed that she had been on antibiotics and steroids to treat the lung infection and had been pushing through for over a week prior to their performances in Houston and Los Angeles.

However, in a recent update posted on the band’s Instagram Story, Williams shared the unfortunate news that they have to cancel their shows in Portland and Salt Lake City. Paramore was scheduled to perform in Portland, Oregon on Thursday and in Salt Lake City, Utah on Sunday. Williams expressed hope that a week off from performing and a strict medication routine would allow her body to heal enough to finish the tour. She had been fighting the infection to avoid disappointing fans with more postponements and cancellations. However, after struggling through the last few shows and consulting with her doctor, it became clear that she would risk long-term damage if she continued performing. She emphasized the importance of paying attention to her body and not taking further risks.

Williams apologized to fans for any inconvenience caused by the rescheduling and likely rearranged travel plans. She thanked them for their patience and support, while acknowledging that the news is disappointing for everyone. Refunds will be available at the point of purchase, and Williams expressed her gratitude for the continued support.

This announcement follows NBA star Steph Curry’s surprise appearance during Paramore’s concert in San Francisco on August 7. Curry joined Williams on stage to perform the band’s hit song “Misery Business” from 2007. According to Paramore’s tour website, they still have a performance scheduled on October 6 in New York City at the New Yorker Festival, before heading to Australia and New Zealand for six more shows in November.

Overall, Paramore’s decision to cancel their remaining US tour dates is a result of Hayley Williams’ ongoing lung infection, which she cannot physically continue to perform with. The band expressed their gratitude for the support and understanding from fans and hopes to resume their tour when Williams has fully recovered.

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