Paul Mescal says he finds scrutiny on his personal life ‘indecent’: ‘It makes me angry’

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Sign up for our free IndyArts newsletter to receive the latest entertainment news and reviews. Paul Mescal, the 27-year-old Irish actor, has recently addressed the overwhelming public interest in his personal life that inevitably follows his rise to fame. Mescal gained a dedicated fanbase after his breakout role in the romance drama miniseries “Normal People,” based on the bestselling novel by Sally Rooney.

The interest in Mescal’s personal life intensified after singer Phoebe Bridgers tweeted about “Normal People” and mentioned her feelings of sadness and horniness. Mescal and Bridgers started dating and were together for about a year and a half before ending their relationship in December 2022. During their time together, there were rumors of engagement, as well as unfounded speculations about Bridgers cheating on Mescal with comedian Bo Burnham.

In a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Mescal expressed his frustration about fan comments on his personal life. He believes it is nobody else’s business and considers it indecent and unkind for people to feel entitled to such information. Although he understands that his work in shows like “Normal People” fuels public curiosity, he finds it devastating that a portion of it crosses personal boundaries.

Bridgers, on the other hand, has previously spoken out against “fans” who bullied and dehumanized her, especially during a difficult time when she was attending her father’s funeral. Photographs showed her and Burnham together at the airport shortly after her breakup with Mescal.

For confirmation that Mescal could play a role in the upcoming “Gladiator” sequel directed by Ridley Scott, studio executives watched him in the West End revival of “A Street Car Named Desire.” They were impressed by his performance, particularly scenes where he took off his shirts, which prompted vocal reactions from female audience members. As a result, they concluded that Mescal was the perfect fit for the role.

In conclusion, Paul Mescal has spoken up about the invasion of his personal life following his rise to fame. While he understands people’s curiosity, he finds it unacceptable for others to feel entitled to personal information. Similarly, Phoebe Bridgers has faced bullying and dehumanization from so-called fans during challenging times. Despite the public interest in their personal lives, both Mescal and Bridgers have maintained their privacy.

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