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Neeraj Khemlani, CBS President, Is Stepping Down

The CBS News president, Neeraj Khemlani, announced his resignation on Sunday, marking the latest executive shakeup in a challenging period for television news. Khemlani had held the position for just over two years and had overseen prominent programs such as “CBS Evening News” and “60 Minutes.” Although stepping down from his role as president, he will continue to work for …

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Zuckerberg Says It’s ‘Time to Move On’ From ‘Cage Fight’ With Musk

After much anticipation, the potential “cage fight” between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg seems to have fizzled out. In a post on his social networking platform, Threads, Zuckerberg expressed his belief that Musk’s delays and excuses had rendered the discussion irrelevant. He taunted Musk, stating that if he ever became serious about organizing an official event, he knew how to …

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Police Raid Kansas Newspaper Office

A small town in Kansas has become the center of a First Amendment dispute after local law enforcement raided the office of the Marion County Record, a family-owned newspaper. This type of raid is extremely rare in the United States, where journalists are typically protected by legal rights. The police seized computers and cellphones belonging to reporters and editors, as …

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Letter to a Young Crypto Enthusiast (or the Merely Curious)

It’s clear that cryptocurrency is not just a passing trend, despite the legal troubles faced by entrepreneurs like Sam Bankman-Fried and the regulatory challenges encountered by companies like Binance. People continue to buy cryptocurrency, even as the price of Bitcoin has experienced significant volatility. According to a National Bureau of Economic Research working paper, the percentage of people in the …

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China issues plan to attract foreign investment

The State Council of China has recently released a comprehensive strategy to enhance and attract foreign investment within the country more effectively. This move aims to further optimize the investment environment and promote economic growth. The document, which was unveiled on Sunday, includes a variety of proposed measures designed to achieve these objectives. One of the key focuses of the …

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The Latest Trend on Yachts? Submersibles.

There are currently around 200 manned submersibles worldwide, according to Charles Kohnen, co-founder of submersible manufacturer SEAmagine Hydrospace. While some of these vessels are used by scientific institutions or for tourism, an increasing number are owned by wealthy yacht owners. However, owning a submersible requires a significant level of wealth and appropriate boating infrastructure. Only large yachts, at least 120 …

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Grindr’s Strict RTO Policy, Amid Union Drive, Stirs Uproar

Quinn McGee, a product manager at the gay dating app Grindr, recently discovered that they would have to move from New York to California in order to keep their job. Grindr’s new return-to-office rules required employees to report to their assigned offices two days a week or leave the company. This news came as a shock to McGee, who uses …

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Why Cash Is an Appropriate Gift at Asian Weddings

When my friends Jiyeon Kim and Olof Norlander invited me to their wedding, I knew exactly what their gift would be: cash. In South Korea, it is customary to give money instead of gifts for weddings. Jiyeon’s father wanted them to have a second ceremony in South Korea, where he could share the joy with his family and offset the …

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