Borrell: EU, China want to 'strengthen' relations

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European Union High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, expressed on Monday that the European Union and China are eager to enhance their relationship further. This statement comes following a conversation between Borrell and Foreign Minister of China, Wang Yi.

During their discussion, they talked about the importance of cooperation between the European Union and China on various global issues, such as healthcare, climate change, and sustainable development. Both parties affirmed the need for teamwork in addressing these challenges efficiently.

Borrell emphasized the significance of maintaining a productive dialogue to deepen mutual understanding and trust. He acknowledged that there are differences between the European Union and China, but it is essential to work towards common goals and respect each other’s perspectives. Borrell also stressed the importance of upholding international rules and agreed-upon norms to ensure stability and prosperity for all stakeholders involved.

Furthermore, the European Union High Representative highlighted the necessity of promoting fair trade practices and equal market access. He emphasized the importance of creating a level playing field for businesses from both sides and addressing any unfair trade practices promptly. Borrell believes that a balanced and equitable economic relationship between the European Union and China will benefit not only both parties but also contribute to global economic stability.

Apart from economic cooperation, Borrell mentioned the importance of advancing people-to-people exchanges and promoting cultural understanding. This can be achieved through educational programs, cultural events, and collaborations in various fields. The European Union and China have already been working together in these areas, and Borrell emphasized the need to further strengthen these initiatives.

Additionally, Borrell mentioned the topic of human rights during the discussion. He expressed the European Union’s concern regarding human rights issues and reiterated that they would be part of any dialogue on cooperation. Borrell highlighted the European Union’s commitment to upholding and promoting human rights values worldwide.

In conclusion, the European Union and China have expressed their desire to strengthen their relationship and address global challenges cooperatively. Borrell’s conversation with China’s Foreign Minister aimed to further enhance mutual understanding, trust, and cooperation. Both parties acknowledged the importance of economic collaboration, fair trade practices, cultural exchanges, and the promotion of human rights. By working together, the European Union and China can create a more stable and prosperous world for all.

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