China proposes measures to boost demand

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The State Council of China recently unveiled a document containing 20 measures aimed at revitalizing and enhancing domestic demand. These measures were proposed by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC). In an effort to promote economic growth, China is determined to stimulate domestic consumption and bolster its domestic market. These measures cover a range of sectors and are expected to have a positive impact on the country’s economy.

The document released by the State Council emphasized the importance of boosting consumption as a driving force for economic development. It outlined various measures to achieve this goal, including expanding consumer credit, implementing tax and fee reductions, and improving the social security system. These actions are aimed at increasing people’s disposable income and encouraging them to spend more.

In addition to stimulating consumption, the 20 measures also focus on fostering investment and promoting innovation in industries. The document proposed measures to accelerate the construction of infrastructure projects, encourage private investment, and enhance support for technological innovation. These actions are expected to create favorable conditions for businesses to grow and thrive, thus stimulating economic development.

The State Council’s document also highlighted the need to optimize the business environment and reduce institutional transaction costs. It called for the simplification of administrative procedures, the improvement of market access, and the strengthening of intellectual property rights protection. By implementing these measures, China aims to create a more business-friendly environment that encourages investment and innovation.

Furthermore, the document highlighted the importance of regional coordination and cooperation in promoting domestic demand. It emphasized the need for regional policies to complement each other and promote coordinated development. This approach seeks to address regional disparities and ensure that all regions of China benefit from the measures undertaken to stimulate domestic demand.

The State Council’s release of these 20 measures reflects China’s commitment to supporting its domestic market and boosting economic growth. By focusing on stimulating consumption, fostering investment, optimizing the business environment, and promoting regional coordination, China aims to revitalize its economy and further establish itself as a global economic powerhouse.

In conclusion, the State Council of China has introduced a set of 20 measures to restore and strengthen domestic demand. These measures, proposed by the NDRC, encompass various aspects of the economy and aim to boost consumption, foster investment, optimize the business environment, and promote regional coordination. By implementing these measures, China seeks to revitalize its economy and promote sustained and balanced economic growth.

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