Wired Names Katie Drummond as Its Next Leader

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Katie Drummond has been appointed as the next top editor of Wired, a renowned tech publication, where she will oversee teams across the globe. The publisher of Wired, Condé Nast, announced on Thursday that Ms. Drummond will take on the role of global editorial director. Prior to joining Wired, Drummond served as the senior vice president of global news and entertainment at Vice Media, where she was responsible for overseeing Vice News and the company’s digital brands.

It is notable that Ms. Drummond will be the first woman to lead Wired in its 30-year history. She replaces Gideon Lichfield, who was named global editorial director in March 2021 but announced his departure in May. In a memo to the staff about his exit, Lichfield expressed his desire to focus on practicing journalism firsthand. He will continue co-hosting the Wired podcast “Have a Nice Future” until at least November.

Before her appointment, Ms. Drummond had a personal connection to Wired, having interned at the publication in 2009 and later worked as a reporter for their national security blog. In an interview, she expressed that her familiarity with the outlet and the opportunity to lead the coverage of the tech world with a global staff made her decision to return an obvious choice. Wired operates teams in the United States, Italy, Japan, Mexico, and Britain.

When discussing the current landscape, Ms. Drummond highlighted the impact of climate change, generative A.I., and the immense wealth and power of major technology companies. She believes this moment represents a significant inflection point for both technology and society, making her presence at Wired all the more exciting.

Ms. Drummond also mentioned her intention to experiment with different mediums, such as vertical video products, newsletters, and emerging platforms, in order to reach diverse audiences. She emphasized Wired’s unique ability to express enthusiasm for technology, science, and innovation, while also maintaining a credible and investigative approach.

Anna Wintour, the chief content officer of Condé Nast and global editorial director of Vogue, praised Ms. Drummond’s appointment, describing her as a journalist with original thinking. Wintour believes that Drummond’s leadership is well-suited for Wired, especially given the constant shifts and collisions between technology and culture.

Drummond recently left Vice Media along with other top editorial leaders, following the company’s acquisition for $350 million by Fortress Investment Group and other creditors. Prior to her time at Vice, she held executive editorial positions at Gizmodo Media Group and The Outline, as well as deputy editor roles at Medium and Bloomberg. She also served as a managing editor at The Verge, where she launched the science section. Drummond began her career as a reporter, contributing to outlets such as The New Republic and Popular Science.

Ms. Drummond will officially join Wired on August 28th, assuming her role as the top editor of the publication. With her extensive experience and unique perspective, she is well-positioned to lead Wired into the future.

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