Zuckerberg Says It’s ‘Time to Move On’ From ‘Cage Fight’ With Musk

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After much anticipation, the potential “cage fight” between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg seems to have fizzled out. In a post on his social networking platform, Threads, Zuckerberg expressed his belief that Musk’s delays and excuses had rendered the discussion irrelevant. He taunted Musk, stating that if he ever became serious about organizing an official event, he knew how to reach him. This message from Zuckerberg effectively brought an end to the suspense surrounding the tense summer between these two technology giants.

Less than two months ago, Musk had mentioned his willingness to participate in a cage match, just before Meta-owned Instagram introduced Threads as a competitor to Musk’s Twitter (now called “X”). Intermediaries between the two executives then began outlining the details of a potential match, while both Musk and Zuckerberg continued to stoke the flames. Photos of a shirtless Zuckerberg in training were posted, and Musk mentioned on X that the event could take place in Italy.

As is typical with Musk, who has a history of making public statements that do not come to fruition, progress towards the fight came in fits and starts. Musk claimed that the fight’s date was uncertain because he required an MRI scan of his neck and back. On Friday, he posted that the fight would be organized by their respective foundations and that he had spoken to the Italian government about a location. However, he did not provide a specific date, only mentioning that he needed to undergo “minor surgery” for his shoulder and ribs, which would result in a recovery period of several months.

Before Zuckerberg’s remarks on Sunday, Musk shared a screenshot on X claiming it was a conversation between the two men, showing Zuckerberg pressuring him to commit. Zuckerberg acknowledged the delays in his Threads post, noting that Musk wouldn’t confirm a date, then claimed he needed surgery, and now wanted to do a practice round in his backyard. He concluded by stating that he would focus on competing with individuals who take the sport seriously.

In conclusion, the much-hyped potential “cage fight” between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg seems to have unraveled. With Zuckerberg’s dismissal of Musk’s delays and Musk’s need for surgery, it appears that the spectacle will not be happening anytime soon. Both executives will now direct their attention towards other endeavors, leaving behind a stranger-than-fiction summer of tension between two technology titans.

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