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Mütter Museum in Philadelphia Weighs Dialing Down its ‘Electric Frankness’

The Mütter Museum, located at the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, is a popular attraction that showcases medical oddities and artifacts from the 19th century. With approximately 160,000 visitors each year, the museum features a wide range of anatomical and pathological specimens that captivate the public’s curiosity. These include skulls affected by syphilis, spines deformed by rickets, skeletons distorted by …

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Steve Barclay calls talks with Scotland and Wales on cutting NHS waiting lists

According to the government, there has been a concerning backlog of patients waiting for medical treatment in Wales and Scotland. Specifically, more than 73,000 individuals in Wales have endured waiting times of at least 77 weeks, while in Scotland, over 21,600 people have been waiting for outpatient, day-case, or inpatient appointments for over 78 weeks. These figures emphasize the urgent …

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How much do junior doctors really get paid in England?

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) recently conducted an intriguing investigation in which they approached two junior doctors based in England, kindly requesting them to unveil their payslips and disclose their salaries. It was an endeavor aimed at shedding light on the remunerations received by these medical professionals serving in the UK. By delving into this matter, the BBC sought to …

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We can't take any more, says NHS as doctors strike

On Friday, the four-day walkout of junior doctors commenced in England as the ongoing pay dispute persists. This latest action follows several previous strikes and adds further fuel to the fire of an already heated debate. Junior doctors across the country have voiced their frustration and concerns over the proposed changes to their contracts, arguing they would negatively impact their …

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What we know about the Covid variant EG.5 dubbed 'Eris'

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has recently declared a new variant of concern, which has been identified in 51 countries around the globe. This announcement comes as health officials and scientists worldwide closely monitor the evolution and spread of the virus in an effort to curb its impact and protect public health. The WHO classification of a variant of interest …

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Hospital waiting list tops 7.5 million in England

The impact of strikes by doctors has been cited by NHS bosses, revealing that approximately one in seven of the population is currently awaiting medical treatment. This distressing statistic highlights the significant toll that recent strike actions have taken on the UK healthcare system. The ongoing disputes between the NHS and its doctors have led to a backlog of patients …

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Endometriosis: 'I am a voice for Asian women with the condition'

Shella Iqbal, an advocate for better understanding and awareness of diseases within Asian communities, sheds light on the existing taboo surrounding these illnesses. In her pursuit of combating this shroud of secrecy, Iqbal recognizes the urgent need to address the issue openly and honestly. By doing so, individuals can gain a better understanding of diseases prevalent in these communities, breaking …

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Tips for Buying Travel Insurance

Following the impact of Covid-19, sales of travel insurance have surged as more people seek to protect their travel investments against potential disruptions such as flight delays, cancellations, extreme weather events, and the ongoing presence of the virus. However, travel insurance can be complex, with a variety of benefits, inclusions, and prices. Therefore, it is important to understand certain key …

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California Battles Fentanyl With a New Tactic: Treating Addiction in Prison

In scorching 100-degree weather at Valley State Prison in California’s Central Valley, inmates gathered around small windows in the prison yard to receive their daily doses of buprenorphine, a medication used to treat opioid addiction. Nurse Quennie Uy scanned inmate identification cards and handed them strips of buprenorphine through a sliding panel. The inmates deposited the strips in their mouths …

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