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Woman left with $1,600 bill when flees after dessert

A woman has shared her worst first date experience in which she was left with a staggering $1,600 bill after her date abandoned her at a restaurant. Natalie Joy, who is now engaged to TV personality Nick Viall, shared the story on an episode of the podcast “Viall Files – Better Date Than Never.” Joy reluctantly agreed to go on …

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University marking boycott: Robert Halfon calls for talks to end dispute

Mr. Robert Halfon, the Chair of the UK Parliament’s Education Select Committee, expressed his concerns regarding the potential disruptions and uncertainties faced by students in a recent letter to Dr. Jo Grady, the General Secretary of the University and College Union (UCU). The letter was sent just before an important meeting between the UCU and university management. In his message, …

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Everything Billy Porter has said about Harry Styles Vogue cover as ‘Pose’ actor re-addresses criticism

Billy Porter has addressed the criticism he made about Harry Styles becoming the first-ever solo male cover star for US Vogue in 2019. In an interview with The Sunday Times in 2020, Porter expressed his issues with Vogue’s decision, stating that Styles only had to be “white and straight” to break barriers. Porter, known for championing gender-neutral fashion, apologized to …

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Husband ‘ruins’ dinner because of his wife’s typo on grocery list

A woman recently sought advice on Reddit’s AITA (Am I the a**hole) subreddit after her husband accused her of “ruining dinner” due to a spelling error. The 25-year-old user, u/AsideFearless8220, explained that she tends to type quickly on her phone, leading to occasional spelling errors and grammar mistakes in her messages. However, she believes that since these messages are just …

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Strictly Come Dancing’s Amy Dowden shares pictures of new wig amid chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer

Amy Dowden, a professional dancer on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, has provided an update on her condition after revealing that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Dowden, who was first diagnosed in May, underwent a single mastectomy to treat stage three breast cancer. However, further tumours were discovered after the surgery, and she was subsequently informed that she would …

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Prince Harry awarded trophy after charity polo match in Singapore | Lifestyle

The Duke of Sussex recently participated in a polo match in Singapore to support young people affected by HIV/Aids, as a tribute to his late mother, Princess Diana. The event was organized by his charity Sentebale, aimed at providing support to disadvantaged individuals. The funds raised from this match will be directed towards the charity’s clubs and camps program, which …

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Pink fan who went into labour during concert names newborn son after pop star

A new mother recently expressed her gratitude to Pink, as attending the singer’s concert marked the beginning of her delivery journey. The incident occurred on 31 July at Fenway Park in Boston during Pink’s Summer Carnival Tour. Angela Mercer, who was 31 weeks pregnant at the time, had travelled from Albany, New York, to Massachusetts with her sister-in-law and mother …

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Shirley Ballas addresses rumours she’s split from fiancé Danny Taylor

Shirley Ballas, the head judge of Strictly Come Dancing, has confirmed that she is still in a relationship with her fiancé Danny Taylor. Earlier this month, Ballas had referred to Taylor as a “good friend,” leading to speculation that the couple had split. However, in a recent interview with The Sun, Ballas asserted, “Danny, we’re still together after four-and-a-half years. …

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