Car review: the obscenely pleasurable 2023 BMW i7

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Stay ahead of the trend in fashion and more with our free weekly Lifestyle Edit newsletter. BMW has created an impressive all-electric i7 limousine that drives like a proper car and captures the essence of a BMW. As we transition to more environmentally sustainable transportation, it is crucial for the public to feel comfortable with new green technologies. Electric cars are known for being smooth, accelerative, and quiet, but they can also feel “different” to some. Concerns about electricity tariffs, the higher purchase price, and the durability of new technologies may deter some customers from switching to electric vehicles.

The BMW i7 xDrive 60 M Sport is a remarkable electric car that offers a sense of familiarity with traditional driving experiences. It provides the feeling of sitting on the prow of the car and maneuvering a great ocean liner. The power delivery is understated, similar to traditional internal combustion engines. Despite its weight of 2.6 tonnes, the i7 maintains agility and poise, matching the performance of supercars.

The quality of the i7 is exceptional, positioning it favorably in the luxury car market. The blend of new technology and traditional values creates a commanding driving experience that is pleasurable. The i7’s driver assist aids and self-parking capabilities ensure safety and convenience. The rear seat passengers also enjoy luxurious features such as ventilated seats, reclining options, individual climate control, and an entertainment system with a drop-down screen.

With the introduction of competitors like Mercedes EQS, Genesis G80, Tesla Model S, Porsche Taycan, and upcoming electric vehicles from Range Rover, Jaguar, Audi, and Maserati, there will be more options in the luxury electric car market. This increased competition may instill more confidence in consumers considering electric vehicles.

The i7 offers a 300-mile range and approximately 3 miles per kilowatt-hour, making it a decent option for daily driving. The design of the i7 features BMW’s iconic giant grille, which suits the car’s overall aesthetic. The all-electric version of the i7 is the greenest, most sophisticated, and desirable option. BMW’s electrification efforts have matured and are now mainstream, thanks to partnerships with Great Wall Motors of China. This bodes well for BMW, Mini, and Rolls-Royce, as future models will likely incorporate the technology from the i7.

In conclusion, the BMW i7 is an encouraging development in the automotive industry and for the environment. It combines traditional driving experiences with innovative electric technology, making it a desirable choice for luxury electric car buyers. BMW’s commitment to electrification and alliances with other manufacturers position them well for success in the evolving automobile industry.

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