Couple selling Perthshire home due to Killin nursery cuts

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Killin Nursery’s childcare service for children under the age of two will cease to exist by the year 2024. This decision has been made by the management, and it has sparked discussions and concerns among parents who rely on the nursery for their young children.

The decision to discontinue childcare provision for this age group was driven by several factors. Firstly, it was found that the demand for places for children under the age of two was relatively low compared to other age groups. The nursery management conducted a thorough analysis of their enrolment records, which indicated that a limited number of parents were utilizing the services for infants. This raised concerns about the efficiency and financial viability of maintaining a separate provision for this age group.

Moreover, the nursery has plans to expand its facilities and services to cater to the increasing demand for places for children aged two and older. This expansion includes improvements to the existing infrastructure and resources, hiring additional staff, and enhancing the overall quality and variety of educational programs. In light of these plans, it was decided that it would be more beneficial for both the nursery and the families it serves to allocate resources towards this expansion rather than continuing to provide childcare for children under two.

While this decision may pose challenges for parents who heavily relied on the nursery’s childcare services for their infants, the management has assured that alternative arrangements will be explored. They are committed to working closely with parents to find suitable alternative provisions within the local community. It is understood that finding appropriate alternative childcare options may be daunting for some families, but the nursery management aims to alleviate concerns by providing guidance and support during this transitional period.

Furthermore, the discontinuation of childcare provision for children under two years of age does not impact the nursery’s commitment to providing an exceptional early education experience for the older age groups. The nursery remains dedicated to nurturing and enriching the development of children aged two and above, ensuring that they receive the highest quality care and education.

In conclusion, the decision to end childcare provision for children under two at Killin Nursery in 2024 has been made based on a comprehensive assessment of demand and future plans for expansion. While this change may bring challenges for some parents, the nursery management is committed to facilitating alternative arrangements and maintaining an outstanding educational experience for children aged two and above. The focus now shifts towards accommodating the increasing demand and enhancing the childcare services provided to older children.

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