Europeans slam American woman in Paris for saying it’s ‘weird’ how French people butter sandwiches

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American influencer Amanda Rollins sparked controversy among her European followers when she expressed disbelief at the French practice of buttering sandwiches. Rollins made this remark in a TikTok video while preparing her and her boyfriend’s lunch for the next day. She cut two half baguettes and began spreading butter on them, acknowledging that some of her American followers may find this method “strange”. According to Rollins, the French create classic sandwiches with ham, cheese, and butter instead of the commonly used mustard and mayonnaise. Rollins defended the butter substitution, claiming that mayonnaise is also high in fat and butter adds more flavor to the sandwich. She even encouraged her audience to give it a try, insisting that it is delicious despite not being healthy. These comments shocked European app users who considered Rollins’ reaction to be excessive, as they find the use of butter on sandwiches to be a normal and basic practice. Several individuals from different countries expressed their surprise, with some asserting that it is only Americans who don’t use butter on their sandwiches.

Rollins’ video sparked a conversation on social media, with users from England, Scandinavia, and Canada chiming in to say that butter is a common spread in their regions as well. Rollins, interviewed by Insider, admitted that she did not expect such a strong reaction from people outside the US. She explained that Americans are accustomed to using condiments extensively and view butter more as a cooking ingredient or a spread for toast, rather than a condiment for sandwiches. Rollins mentioned that condiment sections in grocery stores in the US are much more extensive compared to those in Paris. She believed that Americans who use butter on their sandwiches are a minority. Despite this, she defended her stance, stating that she finds butter on sandwiches unappetizing except for the classic ham and cheese combination. For other types of sandwiches, Rollins prefers to stick with saucy condiments as she always has in the US.

The comments on Rollins’ video highlight cultural differences in culinary practices and preferences. Many Europeans expressed their surprise that Rollins found buttering sandwiches strange, as it is a common practice in their countries. Rollins’ video serves as a reminder that food habits can vary significantly across different cultures and regions.

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