Fan who went into labour at Pink concert names newborn after singer

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A new mother has expressed her gratitude to Pink after attending the singer’s concert as the beginning of her delivery journey. Angela Mercer, who was 31 weeks pregnant at the time, went into labor while at Pink’s Summer Carnival Tour at Fenway Park in Boston. Mercer had traveled from Albany, New York, to Massachusetts with her sister-in-law and mother to see the concert. Despite not expecting to give birth in another state, Mercer began experiencing severe contractions upon arrival at the stadium. She called her doctor, but the concert crowds and traffic made it difficult to reach the hospital. In the end, she and her family decided to walk to Brigham and Women’s Hospital, which was one mile away. Mercer later delivered her son in the hospital’s NICU and named him “Aycen Hart” after Pink, who had taken her husband Carey Hart’s last name.

In an interview with CBS Boston, Angela expressed her gratitude towards the hospital staff at Brigham and Women’s: “The medical, case management, and social work staff guided us confidently with their knowledge and expertise, all while being personable, empathetic, and engaging. We are sincerely appreciative.” Currently, Aycen is being cared for in the NICU in Albany, although there are no major concerns about his health. Angela hopes to “reschedule” her concert experience for Pink’s future shows.

Pink’s summer tour began on June 7 and is scheduled to continue until November 19. The artist is accompanied by her two children, 12-year-old Willow and 6-year-old Jameson. In an interview with Today, Pink revealed that she pays Willow a salary for her backstage tasks during the tour. The amount varies depending on the length of the show, but Willow negotiated for $20, making it easier for her to do the math. Pink jokingly suggested she should ask for $25 instead to improve her negotiation skills. On the opening night of the tour, Willow joined her mother on stage and made her on-stage debut by singing “Cover Me In Sunshine.”

In conclusion, Pink’s concert turned into a memorable and unexpected experience for Angela Mercer as she went into labor. She expressed her gratitude towards the hospital staff who assisted her during the delivery. Meanwhile, Pink continues her tour with her children, creating special moments both on and off the stage.

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