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Fashion is not merely about garments; it’s a powerful form of self-expression, a visual language that speaks volumes about our identity and culture. In this category, we dive into the multifaceted universe of fashion, presenting a nuanced view of this dynamic industry.

From the timeless elegance of haute couture to the rebellious spirit of street style, from the artistic visions of emerging designers to the sustainable practices redefining the industry, from the glitz and glamor of fashion weeks to the behind-the-scenes toil that brings these spectacles to life – this is your window to the world of fashion.

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John Barrett, Hair Stylist for the Fashionable Elite, Dies at 66

John Barrett, the iconic hair dresser known for his impeccable style and high-profile clientele, passed away in Manhattan at the age of 66. Barrett, whose salon was located on the penthouse level of the Bergdorf Goodman department store, was a favorite among the elite fashion crowd for more than 20 years. From celebrities attending the Met Gala to the leading …

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Rats in the Walls, Baby on the Way

I found myself sprawled out on the brown couch, indulging in my daily (or okay, twice daily) mint chocolate chip popsicle, while envisioning the upcoming birth of my child. At eight months pregnant, I was preparing myself for the extraordinary and life-changing event that billions of women had gone through before me. Although I anticipated some drama and pain, I …

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A.O.C. Thinks the U.S. Deserves Better Sunscreen

After months of persuasion, I have finally succeeded in helping my husband establish a daily sunscreen routine. When I notice traces of white cream in his dark beard, I think to myself, “We’re making progress.” Some Americans, like Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, have decided to take matters into their own hands to avoid the white cast, heaviness, and …

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Mi sexto lenguaje del amor: la ‘intimidad de WhatsApp’

For my Syrian family, scattered by the war, a group chat filled with silly videos and often embarrassing photos means everything. It serves as a lifeline, connecting us across the distances and providing a sense of unity and support amidst the difficulties we face. In a world plagued by conflict and displacement, technology has become a powerful tool in bridging …

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Couples Look Back on Their Weddings During the 2003 Blackout

“It is incredibly frustrating,” Ms. Hasson, a 43-year-old associate director of development at SAR Academy and High School, expressed. Reflecting on her wedding pictures, she noticed that her hair was not styled the way she had envisioned. Half of her hair was poofy, while the other half was straightened. However, she emphasized that these were minor details in the grand …

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How an Interior Designer Made Do With Only 475 Square Feet

After years of renting apartments in Brooklyn, Alex Kalita was ready to purchase her own home in 2017. As the founder of Common Bond Design, an interiors firm, she not only wanted to invest in real estate but also desired the opportunity to renovate the space to reflect her personal style. Ms. Kalita admitted that she made her Realtor’s job …

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Sachi Takahashi-Rial and George Carollo Marry in Sacramento

Sachi Alita Takahashi-Rial and George Carl Gaetano Carollo sent out their online wedding invitations in March, which left some people amused, and others guessing. The invitations read: “You’re invited to the first Investor Offsite for pre-eminent investors worldwide. This exclusive event combines insights, innovation, vision, and, of course, cake.” This unconventional three-day celebration will take place at Yin Ranch, a …

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Never Give Your Child Five Names

We initially believed it would only take a few weeks, but it ended up taking three months. Every time a piece of mail arrived for him, I held onto hope that it would be the letter he needed. However, it was never the one we were waiting for. One day, an official letter arrived addressed to “Kenneth Sean,” and Robby …

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