Couples Look Back on Their Weddings During the 2003 Blackout

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“It is incredibly frustrating,” Ms. Hasson, a 43-year-old associate director of development at SAR Academy and High School, expressed. Reflecting on her wedding pictures, she noticed that her hair was not styled the way she had envisioned. Half of her hair was poofy, while the other half was straightened. However, she emphasized that these were minor details in the grand scheme of things.

For numerous couples, like the Landmans, returning home after their weddings proved to be an arduous task. The Landmans had originally planned to stay at a hotel in Great Neck, N.Y., but due to a power outage, the hotel had closed and canceled their reservation. The couple, along with their parents, found themselves outside the wedding venue at 1 a.m., armed with flip phones and phone books, desperately searching for a hotel with electricity. Eventually, a family member discovered a dilapidated motel in upstate New York near Monsey, a two-hour drive from the Bronx.

Fortunately, the caterer, who resided in the area, volunteered to lead the Landmans to the motel. Once they arrived, Ms. Landman, still adorned in her wedding gown, asked the clerk, “Can we have a room for two?” And so, the newlyweds spent their wedding night in a room that reeked of smoke.

Reflecting on the experience, Ms. Landman, a 43-year-old English schoolteacher, remarked, “It was memorable in a different kind of way.”

Dr. Stollman also discovered a poignant life lesson through her blackout wedding, one that has resonated with her as she embarks on her marriage. “You’re bound to encounter obstacles throughout your marriage and life,” she acknowledged. “The key lies in finding a way to embrace them and make the best of the situation.”

During their wedding celebration, Dr. Stollman’s father delivered a heartfelt speech. Illuminating his face with a flashlight, he playfully stated, “Many people may view this as a power outage, but it was truly a power surge.” He went on to discuss the resilience of the couple and their ability to create a memorable experience despite the circumstances surrounding them.

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