Mi sexto lenguaje del amor: la ‘intimidad de WhatsApp’

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For my Syrian family, scattered by the war, a group chat filled with silly videos and often embarrassing photos means everything. It serves as a lifeline, connecting us across the distances and providing a sense of unity and support amidst the difficulties we face.

In a world plagued by conflict and displacement, technology has become a powerful tool in bridging the gaps between loved ones torn apart. Our group chat, initiated out of necessity, has evolved into a vital platform where we share laughter, stories, and moments of vulnerability, allowing us to feel closer even when physically separated by thousands of miles.

The exchange of funny videos and embarrassing photos may seem trivial to the outsider, but for us, it is a way of preserving our bond and reminding each other that we are still a family despite the adversity we have endured. These seemingly insignificant pieces of content bring joy to our lives and serve as a testament to our resilience and ability to find happiness even in the most challenging circumstances.

The chat has also become an invaluable resource for staying updated on each other’s lives. Through regular updates, we can share major life events, discuss daily struggles, and seek advice from one another. It has become a virtual support system where we can lean on each other for emotional and practical guidance, knowing that we are never alone in our hardships.

Furthermore, the chat serves as a window into the lives of those who have been displaced. By sharing photos and videos of our new surroundings, we get a glimpse of the realities we have all been forced to embrace. The images of resilient individuals, smiling amidst the rubble, capture the strength and resilience that characterizes our family. It is a reminder that, despite the despair and destruction, hope still exists within us.

Language barriers have been another challenge we faced after being separated. However, through the group chat, we have been able to bridge these gaps as well. Despite the varying proficiency levels in English, Arabic, and other languages, we make an effort to understand and communicate with each other. The chat has become a space where we can practice language skills, learn from one another, and grow together.

In conclusion, for my Syrian family, a group chat filled with silly videos and embarrassing photos is a lifeline that keeps us connected and united in the face of war and displacement. It provides us with laughter, support, and a sense of belonging in a world where our physical presence may be hindered. Through this virtual platform, we share our joys and vulnerabilities, support one another, and find solace in the knowledge that our family bond remains unbroken.

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