Fred Sirieix recalls experiencing ‘unconscious bias’ against his interracial relationship

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French television personality, Fred Sirieix, recently opened up about his experiences with unconscious bias in his relationship with his partner, who is of a different ethnicity, and his children. Sirieix, known for his role on the show “First Dates,” has been engaged to his partner, a fashion influencer called “Fruitcake,” since 2020. Prior to his current relationship, he was with Alessandra Spendolini, with whom he shares two children.

In a recent interview, Sirieix shared an incident that occurred at a restaurant with Fruitcake and his son. When he asked for a table for three, he noticed the maitre d’ giving them strange looks. Sirieix believes this wasn’t mere racism but rather unconscious bias, a bias or stereotype that people hold about a group of people without realizing it. He acknowledged that we are all guilty of this from time to time.

Unconscious bias is a term that has been used by other public figures as well. The Duke of Sussex spoke about it during his interview with Oprah Winfrey, suggesting that it may have been the reason why a member of the royal family expressed concerns about the potential darkness of his son Archie’s skin before he was born. Meghan Markle also mentioned this incident in the same interview, claiming that it happened while she was still pregnant.

Sirieix also shared his advice on how to eat well while traveling without spending a lot of money on expensive restaurants. He emphasized the beauty of simple meals and suggested getting off the beaten path to eat with locals or even preparing your own meals. In his native France, he recommended finding a local farmer to provide a rabbit for a dish called “lapin a la moutarde” (rabbit in mustard), which he described as unbelievably beautiful.

Sirieix’s experiences with unconscious bias serve as a reminder that biases and stereotypes can impact how we perceive and interact with others, even in seemingly innocuous situations like dining out. It highlights the importance of recognizing and challenging these biases, both within ourselves and in society as a whole. Additionally, his advice on enjoying good food without extravagant expenses encourages a more down-to-earth approach to culinary experiences, embracing local cultures and ingredients.

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