Greg Rutherford rushed to hospital after mystery allergy left him ‘screaming and clawing at his skin’

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Greg Rutherford’s fiancée, Susie Verrill, revealed that she had to rush him to the hospital due to an unknown illness. Verrill took to Instagram to share the incident, describing it as the scariest time of her life. She explained that the day began normally, with a roast dinner at a friend’s house with their three children. However, Rutherford later texted her saying he might be having an allergic reaction and felt itchy. Thinking it wasn’t an emergency, Verrill did not rush home. But minutes later, Rutherford called her screaming and told her to get there immediately. Terrified, she drove back home while calling an ambulance, fearing she would find him not breathing. Rutherford was clawing at his skin and screaming in agony. They rushed to the hospital breaking traffic rules, and Verrill described the entire ordeal as “awful.”

In the hospital, Rutherford was sent to the resuscitation area and treated with steroids and antihistamines. After a few hours, they were allowed to leave the hospital. Verrill expressed her relief but also questioned what caused the allergic reaction. She asked her followers if anyone had experienced something similar. She also addressed suggestions that Rutherford might have come into contact with a plant on his run that triggered the reaction, but clarified that the reaction had started before the run.

Rutherford also shared his experience on Instagram, describing the allergic reaction as horrible and thanking the hospital staff for their help. He mentioned his intention to get tests done to figure out the cause and ensure it doesn’t happen again. Rutherford and Verrill have been together since 2012 and have three children. They postponed their wedding due to a family member’s death.

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