Husband ‘ruins’ dinner because of his wife’s typo on grocery list

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A woman recently sought advice on Reddit’s AITA (Am I the a**hole) subreddit after her husband accused her of “ruining dinner” due to a spelling error. The 25-year-old user, u/AsideFearless8220, explained that she tends to type quickly on her phone, leading to occasional spelling errors and grammar mistakes in her messages. However, she believes that since these messages are just texts, their accuracy is not of utmost importance as long as the recipient understands her intended meaning.

Although the woman acknowledged that her husband is bothered by these errors and has discussed it with her previously, she failed to double-check her texts on this particular occasion. This happened when their in-laws were scheduled to come over for dinner, and she had prepared Thai green curry, which only lacked coconut milk as the final ingredient. Realizing the absence of coconut milk at home and having already prepared the curry, she asked her husband to pick it up, along with other needed items, while she reheated the dish before their guests arrived.

In her haste while typing, she inadvertently wrote “coconut mlik” instead of coconut milk. To her disappointment, when her husband returned, he had purchased everything on the list except for the crucial item. Frustrated, she asked him why he hadn’t brought the coconut milk, to which he responded that he couldn’t understand what she meant and suggested that she should check her spelling before sending a text.

The woman’s reaction was to tell her husband to figure out dinner on his own since the curry couldn’t be served without coconut milk. As a result, he ordered takeout for everyone, expressing his annoyance due to his long day at work and the fact that she was at home.

Commenters on the Reddit post were supportive of the woman, with some admitting that they couldn’t even spot the typo she mentioned. They argued that her husband’s actions were petty and aimed at teaching her a lesson but ended up backfiring. They criticized his controlling behavior and questioned how he would treat their potential children if he treated her this way over a minor typing error in a text message. Furthermore, some viewers suggested that if the husband was genuinely confused about the typo, he could have contacted her for clarification instead of ruining the dinner out of spite.

In conclusion, the woman sought advice on Reddit after her husband criticized her for a spelling error that supposedly ruined dinner. While she acknowledged her husband’s frustration with her occasional mistakes, she believed that such errors in text messages were not critical as long as the recipient understood the intended message. Commenters empathized with her and criticized her husband’s behavior, suggesting better ways for him to handle the situation.

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