Husband ‘ruins’ dinner because of his wife’s typo: ‘The worst kind of control freak’

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A woman recently shared her story on the subreddit AITA (Am I the a**hole) after her husband accused her of “ruining dinner” over a simple spelling error. The woman, who goes by the username u/AsideFearless8220 on Reddit, explained that she often makes spelling errors and grammar mistakes in her messages because she types quickly on her phone. However, she believes that as long as the recipient understands her message, the errors are not important.

Despite knowing that her husband is irritated by her spelling errors, the woman admitted that she occasionally forgets to double-check her texts. This happened on the night when her in-laws were coming over for dinner, and she was preparing Thai green curry. She had everything ready except for one key ingredient – coconut milk. She asked her husband to pick it up along with some other items, but due to her fast typing, she accidentally wrote “coconut mlik” instead of coconut milk.

When her husband returned home, he had purchased everything on the list except the coconut milk. Frustrated, she questioned him about it, and he responded that he couldn’t understand what she meant due to the spelling error. This led to an argument, and the woman told her husband to figure out dinner on his own because the curry couldn’t be served without coconut milk. In the end, they ordered takeout instead.

Commenters on Reddit were supportive of the woman, with some even struggling to find the typo she mentioned. They argued that her husband’s reaction was petty and controlling, suggesting that he wanted to “teach her a lesson.” They also questioned his behavior, wondering how he would treat their children if he acted this way over a small error in a text message.

One commenter suggested that if the husband was genuinely confused by the typo, he could have reached out to her for clarification via text or a phone call. They believed he deliberately ruined dinner to be petty, while the woman had done her best under the circumstances.

In conclusion, the woman sought opinions on whether she was in the wrong for her spelling error and subsequent argument with her husband. Reddit users overwhelmingly supported her, criticizing her husband’s behavior and highlighting his controlling tendencies. They defended her actions, emphasizing that the typo was insignificant in the grand scheme of things and that her husband’s reaction was disproportionate.

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