Influencer Lil Tay reportedly ‘alive’ despite Instagram statement announcing death

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Canadian influencer Lil Tay, whose real name is Claire Hope, is reportedly alive, according to a statement allegedly issued by her family. This comes after a since-deleted post on her Instagram account claimed that she and her brother had “passed.” The clarification was made in a statement to TMZ on August 10th, where Lil Tay stated that her Instagram account was hacked and that she is safe and alive.

The statement further explained that Lil Tay was heartbroken and struggling to find the right words to express her emotions. She described the past 24 hours as traumatic, as she received numerous heartbreaking phone calls from loved ones while trying to sort out the situation. She also addressed the hack on Instagram, stating that her account was compromised by a third party who spread false information about her. Lil Tay emphasized that her legal name is Tay Tian, not Claire Hope.

Lil Tay expressed her gratitude towards Meta, the social media company that helped her regain control of her Instagram account and deleted the allegedly false statement. The statement came after another mysterious Instagram post emerged claiming that Lil Tay and her brother were not dead. This post, shared by the account @termanii.__, stated that Lil Tay had lost access to her official Instagram account.

Harry Tsang, Lil Tay’s last known manager, spoke to The Independent and stated that he had been in communication with individuals who had knowledge of the family’s situation. However, he could not confirm or deny the accuracy of the now-deleted Instagram post. Tsang emphasized the importance of relying on reputable sources and exercising patience while waiting for further updates.

Lil Tay’s father, Christian Hope, declined to comment on the post and did not confirm his daughter’s death when approached by Insider. The police department in Vancouver, where the family is believed to reside, stated that they were not aware of any death reports regarding Lil Tay or her brother. The Los Angeles Police Department and the county medical examiner also had no information regarding an investigation into the death of someone named Claire Hope.

The Independent has reached out to Tsang and Lil Tay’s father for comment.

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