Justin Trudeau and his son see Barbie movie while matching in pink

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Justin Trudeau has received praise for his commitment to the dress code while attending a major movie premiere with his 15-year-old son. The Canadian prime minister shared a photo on Instagram of himself and his son Xavier in a movie theater in front of a Barbie poster, captioned “We’re team Barbie.” Both father and son were dressed in classic Barbie pink to show their support for the film, which recently passed $1 billion in ticket sales. Trudeau was seen wearing a pink hoodie, while his son opted for a pink T-shirt.

This outing came just days after Trudeau announced his separation from his wife of 18 years, Sophie Gregoire. The couple shares three children, including Xavier. In their statement, Trudeau and Gregoire emphasized their continued love and respect for each other, as well as their commitment to the well-being of their children. Trudeau’s office confirmed that a legal separation agreement has been filed.

Trudeau and Gregoire first met in 2003 when they co-hosted a fundraising ball, but they didn’t become close until later. They were married in Montreal in 2005. In anniversary posts, both spouses have reflected on their long relationship and expressed their love for each other. They acknowledge the challenges of long-term relationships but emphasize the importance of love that keeps you safe, sets you free, and helps you grow.

Trudeau and his son are not the only attendees of the Barbie premiere to wear pink. It has become the unofficial dress code for moviegoers attending the film directed by Greta Gerwig. The color choice reflects the film’s theme and contributes to the festive atmosphere surrounding the release.

Overall, Trudeau’s commitment to the dress code demonstrates his willingness to embrace fun and show support for important cultural events. His dedication to his children and his emphasis on love and respect in his separation announcement further reflect his values as a leader and family man.

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