Karlie Kloss attends Taylor Swift’s last Eras Tour concert amid feud rumours

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Supermodel Karlie Kloss made an appearance at Taylor Swift’s final Eras Tour concert, sparking rumors about the state of their friendship. Kloss was spotted at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles wearing a casual outfit consisting of a white vest top, blue jeans, and black Adidas shoes. Fans captured videos of Kloss interacting with other fans, dancing, and singing along to Swift’s songs. According to the Daily Beast, Kloss started the concert in the stands but later moved to the VIP section.

This unexpected attendance by Kloss has raised eyebrows among fans, who have noticed a seeming distance between the two friends and have speculated about a potential feud. Swift and Kloss first became friends in 2013 after meeting at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. They were inseparable and even played the “best best friends” game for Vogue’s YouTube channel. However, Swift’s omission of Kloss’s name from her “Junior Jewels” T-shirt in the “Look What You Made Me Do” music video led to speculation about a falling out.

Kloss, however, denied any issues between them in an interview with The New York Times, stating, “Don’t believe everything you read.” She maintained that she and Swift still spoke frequently. Swift further celebrated Kloss’s birthday in a now-deleted Instagram post, expressing her admiration for Kloss’s qualities. Kloss also shared a photo of them on FaceTime, indicating their continued connection.

Despite these reassurances, fans continued to analyze Kloss’s Instagram for hints about their friendship. Lyrics from Swift’s album Evermore, such as “right where you left me,” fueled speculation that they were referring to Kloss. However, Swift clarified in an Instagram caption that the song was about a girl who remained in the same emotional state after heartbreak.

While the exact status of their friendship remains uncertain, it is significant that Kloss showed support for Swift on the night she announced the release of her re-recorded version of the Grammy-winning pop album 1989. Kloss played a significant role in that era, appearing in the music video for “Bad Blood” alongside other members of their “girl squad.” Swift has called the re-recorded 1989 her favorite so far.

In conclusion, Karlie Kloss’s appearance at Taylor Swift’s concert has sparked speculation about the status of their friendship. Despite past rumors, both Kloss and Swift have denied any falling out. Only time will reveal the true nature of their relationship, but it seems significant that Kloss supported Swift on an important night for her music career.

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