Linda Evangelista makes rare comment about co-parenting with son’s stepmother Salma Hayek

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Linda Evangelista, the 58-year-old model, recently spoke about her experiences of co-parenting with Salma Hayek, her son Augustin’s stepmother. In an interview with Vogue for their September issue, Evangelista discussed her relationship with her ex, François-Henri Pinault, and his wife, Hayek. She revealed that during holidays, her son usually spends time with his father and stepmother, who have a 15-year-old daughter together.

Evangelista shared a heartwarming story about how Hayek stepped in to take care of her when she fell ill during a Thanksgiving celebration. Despite not feeling well, Evangelista said that Hayek flew in with her daughter and cooked an eclectic Thanksgiving dinner. She specifically requested Hayek’s Mexican chicken with truffled potatoes, and Hayek spent the day in the kitchen, cooking the entire meal herself. Evangelista praised Hayek for coming to her aid and making a beautiful feast for the occasion.

The model and Pinault had a child support case in 2011, where Evangelista sought financial support for their son. At the time, it was revealed that Pinault was the father of her son, despite their brief relationship. They settled the case in 2012. It seems that over the years, Evangelista’s son and Hayek have grown close. In 2021, Hayek shared a rare photo on Instagram of her and Augustin on a family vacation. Augustin also made his red carpet debut with Hayek and their daughter Valentina at the Time 100 Gala in April.

In her interview with Vogue, Evangelista also discussed raising her son in the spotlight. She recalled receiving calls from Madison Square Garden during the early days of her career, offering her courtside seats to Knicks games, which she would attend with her son. However, those calls have since stopped, and Evangelista and her son now buy their own tickets and sit among the regular fans. She wanted her son to have a normal upbringing and doesn’t want him to feel entitled due to her fame.

Evangelista mentioned that her son has questioned the benefits of fame and asked if they had to stand in lines because of her recognition. She doesn’t hesitate to counter his question, emphasizing the importance of humility and not raising an entitled child. She wants him to understand that standing in lines and waiting like everyone else is a part of life. Evangelista shared an anecdote about waiting in line at Chanel recently for a gift, and her son asked if she could call someone to skip the line. She responded by saying that she stands in lines too and doesn’t want her child to grow up entitled.

In conclusion, Linda Evangelista candidly discussed co-parenting with Salma Hayek and shared heartwarming anecdotes about their relationship. She emphasized the importance of a normal upbringing and humility for her son, despite her own fame and success.

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