Mick Fleetwood says his Hawaii restaurant was ‘lost’ in devastating Maui wildfires

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Mick Fleetwood has confirmed that his restaurant, Fleetwood’s on Front Street, in Hawaii has been destroyed by the ongoing deadly wildfires in Maui. The 76-year-old co-founder of Fleetwood Mac shared the news on social media, expressing his devastation at the loss. The fires have ravaged the historic town of Lahaina on the island, resulting in the deaths of at least 67 people. Moreover, over 1,700 buildings and billions of dollars worth of property have been destroyed, leading to the evacuation of more than 14,000 people from Maui.

In his post, Fleetwood expressed his deep sorrow for the people of Maui and the Lahaina community. He emphasized that the safety of his staff and team members is the priority, despite the heartbreaking loss of his restaurant. Fleetwood’s on Front Street opened in 2012 and was known for its fine dining, live entertainment, and rooftop area. The official Instagram account of the restaurant also shared a post, thanking everyone for their thoughts and prayers and stating that they do not have enough information about the situation yet.

The wildfires began on Tuesday and have worsened throughout the week due to a faraway hurricane that fueled the flames and caused rapid spreading. Governor Josh Green of Hawaii described the destruction in Lahaina as shocking, comparing it to the impact of a bomb. In response, President Joe Biden declared a major disaster and ordered Federal aid to assist in the local recovery efforts.

Several celebrities have expressed their support for the people of Maui and provided information on how fans can help. Hawaiian actor Jason Momoa shared donation information on Instagram to aid in rescue efforts. Bette Midler tweeted her condolences, stating that the beautiful island of Maui is suffering. Former US president Barack Obama also expressed his sympathy, acknowledging the significance of Hawaii to many people.

The devastation caused by the wildfires in Maui has had a profound impact on the community and its residents. As the fires continue to burn and the extent of the damage becomes clear, efforts to support and help those affected will be crucial. The resilience and solidarity of the people of Maui, along with the assistance from various organizations and individuals, will be vital in the long-term recovery and rebuilding process.

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