Mum with stoma bag shares bikini pictures to celebrate ‘second chance at life’

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Meghan Cary Brown, a 31-year-old stay-at-home mom and content creator from Charlottesville, Virginia, was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at the age of 13. As her condition worsened, she had to have her colon removed at the age of 24 due to precancerous cells. This life-changing procedure gave her a “second chance at life” and motivated her to become an influencer, showing others that it is possible to lead a beautiful, normal, and happy life with a stoma bag.

During her teenage years, Meghan experienced intense pain and had to cope with bullying on top of her illness. The news of her colon being precancerous shattered her, and she was overwhelmed with sadness at the thought of having cancer. However, with the encouragement of her doctor, Meghan made the decision to have her colon removed and undergo a stoma bag placement.

A year later, Meghan started an Instagram page and recently joined TikTok to share her story and raise awareness about living with a stoma bag. Her content includes open discussions about her experiences, sharing bikini pictures, and openly discussing intimate moments with her partner while wearing “beautiful lacy wraps” for her stoma bag. This platform has served as a healing mechanism for Meghan and has allowed her to let go of worries about others’ opinions.

Meghan also opened up about her struggles with Crohn’s disease, which forced her to be home-schooled for a year and caused her immense pain and fatigue. She faced challenges related to her medication, including weight gain and the difficulty of self-injections while at college. Despite being in remission at one point, Meghan’s routine colonoscopy revealed that her colon was pre-cancerous, leading to the decision to have it removed.

Since having her colon removed, Meghan has embraced life to the fullest. She no longer worries about finding bathrooms or controlling her bowels, and she appreciates the second chance she has been given. Adjusting to life with a stoma bag took some time, but Meghan now changes the appliance every three to four days and empties her bag around six to eight times a day. Intimacy with her husband also required some adjustments, but their bond has grown stronger, and they can laugh off any mishaps that occur.

A year after her surgery, Meghan created an Instagram account where she shares her story, now with over 14,100 followers. She has also gained a following on TikTok, with 19,400 followers. These platforms have allowed her to put life into perspective and realize the importance of not worrying about others’ opinions. Meghan is grateful for her happiness and health and hopes to inspire others to embrace their own lives, regardless of any challenges they may face.

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