Prince William serves up vegetarian ‘Earthshot burgers’ to shocked diners

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The Prince of Wales surprised diners by helping to serve vegetarian burgers made with Earthshot Prize-winning products. Prince William participated in a video for the popular YouTube channel Sorted Food and invited supporters to try three winning entries from his environmental prize. The participants were unaware that the royal would be serving their burgers and were visibly shocked by his presence. In the video, William is seen in a food van in central London with the Sorted Food chefs. One diner covers her mouth in shock upon recognizing him. William places several “Earthshot burgers” on a counter and explains that the ingredients come from last year’s winners. The box in which the burgers are served is made by a company called Notpla, using a seaweed coating to eliminate plastic. The burger’s ingredients are grown in an Indian greenhouse by Kheyti, and the cooking process uses Mukuru Clean Stoves, designed by a Kenyan woman to reduce air pollution.

The Earthshot Prize, launched by William and David Attenborough in 2020, awards five winners out of 30 finalists £1m each to continue their environmental work. Kheyti won the Protect and Restore Nature category, while Mukuru and Notpla won the Clean Our Air and Build A Waste-Free World categories, respectively. The chefs from Sorted Food create a spicy potato-based burger flavored with garlic, ginger, and chili, served with pickled vegetables in a bun.

After witnessing the future king serving burgers from the van, one diner exclaimed, “My brain took three seconds to buffer. Am I dreaming? Have I had enough sleep?” Another was left speechless. In the video, William arrives at the Sorted Food studio to drop off items produced by the Earthshot Prize winners and mentions that the project took four years to develop. He jokes, “I had hair when it started,” before leaving the chefs to create the burgers.

Jamie Spafford, co-founder of Sorted Food, expressed his excitement at being joined by Prince William in their studio and food truck. He described it as a “pinch me” moment and found the prince’s passion for helping the planet and the Earthshot Prize’s mission incredibly inspiring. The experience has already sparked ideas for future projects with their community.

Overall, Prince William’s involvement in promoting environmentally friendly food solutions through the Earthshot Prize and Sorted Food’s platform has raised awareness and inspired others to take action in protecting the planet.

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