Robbie Williams shares his thoughts on plastic surgery as he considers fillers

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Robbie Williams is considering undergoing a cosmetic procedure to improve the appearance of his eyes. The singer revealed that he wants filler around his eyes to address their hollow appearance. He mentioned being inspired by other celebrities who have had successful plastic surgery. Williams, who has previously spoken about his body dysmorphia, attributed his recent weight loss to “goal weight eating” and said that he now feels his eyes look hollow after losing two stone.

In an interview with The Sun, Williams noted that while bad plastic surgery is often criticized, good plastic surgery often goes unnoticed. He expressed his desire to have filler in his eyes to address the hollowness, but also acknowledged that people tend to get unnecessary procedures. When asked about his skincare routine, the singer credited Vaseline for keeping his skin looking good, mentioning that Marilyn Monroe apparently used it as well.

Williams, who is married to Ayda Field and has four children, previously shared that he is ready to embrace his hair loss. He mentioned attempting to get a hair transplant several times, but being unsuccessful due to his thin hair. Unable to take pills due to their depressive effects, he stated that he will accept his hair loss. However, he also stated his intention to keep his hair for as long as possible before eventually going completely bald.

Discussing his weight loss in an Instagram post, Williams admitted that his body dysmorphia influences his perception of his ideal weight. He shared his struggles with self-loathing and negative body image, stating that at times he can be over 40 pounds overweight. Williams expressed the ongoing nature of his mental health struggles and the sadness he experiences. He also mentioned having Botox and fillers done around five years ago but has not undergone any other cosmetic procedures since then.

Williams and Field, who hosts her own podcast, have been married since 2010 and have four children together. They choose to keep their children’s lives away from social media.

In conclusion, Robbie Williams is considering a cosmetic procedure to address the hollowness around his eyes. He has previously spoken about his body dysmorphia and weight loss. Williams is also prepared to embrace his hair loss. His struggles with self-image and mental health have been ongoing. He has had cosmetic procedures in the past but has not pursued further treatments. Williams and his wife prioritize privacy when it comes to their children.

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