Strictly Come Dancing’s Amy Dowden shares pictures of new wig amid chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer

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Amy Dowden, a professional dancer on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, has provided an update on her condition after revealing that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Dowden, who was first diagnosed in May, underwent a single mastectomy to treat stage three breast cancer. However, further tumours were discovered after the surgery, and she was subsequently informed that she would require chemotherapy. Throughout her treatment, Dowden has been raising awareness of breast cancer and keeping her followers informed about her progress.

In her latest update, Dowden shared pictures on her Instagram Stories of a custom-made wig that she had received for chemotherapy. She expressed her gratitude to the owner of Be Unique Wigs, Charlotte, for making the wig. In response, Charlotte stated that it was an honor to create the wig for Dowden and expressed the hope that it would provide her with some comfort during this challenging time. The wigmaker also emphasized the importance of hair for one’s confidence and identity.

During an Instagram Live conversation for the charity CoppaFeel!, Dowden discussed her treatment journey. Originally, she was scheduled to undergo a lumpectomy, radiotherapy, and hormone treatment. However, further tumours were discovered, leading to a change in her treatment plan. Dowden expressed her disappointment at needing chemotherapy and acknowledged that things don’t always go according to plan.

Due to her medical condition, Dowden confirmed that she would not be able to dance competitively on this year’s Strictly. However, she praised the BBC team for their incredible support and expressed optimism for a cancer-free future. Dowden joined Strictly in 2017 and has participated in every series since, reaching the final in 2019 with Karim Zeroual.

In conclusion, Amy Dowden, the talented dancer from Strictly Come Dancing, has been open about her breast cancer journey and has been actively raising awareness of the disease. She recently shared her experience of receiving a custom-made wig for chemotherapy and expressed her gratitude to the wigmaker. Despite the challenges and changes to her plans, Dowden remains positive and looks forward to a future free of cancer. Her determination and strength are an inspiration to many.

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