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Strictly Come Dancing contestant, Amanda Abbington, recently took to her Instagram account to issue a seven-minute apology to fans after a controversy surrounding her upcoming appearance on the 2023 series. The actress, who is best known for her role as Mary Morston in BBC’s Sherlock, felt compelled to address the situation after some fans threatened to boycott the popular dance show due to comments she had made in the past.

Abbington began her video update by expressing her disbelief at the trending hashtag on Twitter that called for a boycott of Strictly Come Dancing. She clarified that the controversy stemmed from a tweet she had posted in March regarding a drag show. The tweet was misconstrued by some fans, leading to accusations of transphobia.

Wanting to set the record straight, Abbington adamantly declared, “I am not transphobic.” She emphasized her support for the transgender community and expressed her regret that her previous comments had been misunderstood. The actress acknowledged the importance of education and understanding surrounding issues of gender identity, stating, “I am dedicated to learning more and striving to be better when it comes to inclusivity and acceptance.”

Abbington’s apology aimed to reconcile with disgruntled fans and assure them that she values their support. She recognized that Strictly Come Dancing is a much-loved show that brings people joy and entertainment, and she expressed her hope that fans would continue to watch despite the controversy.

The actress acknowledged that her role as a public figure comes with certain responsibilities. She recognized that her words carry weight and can unintentionally impact others. Abbington affirmed her commitment to being more thoughtful in her future communications, understanding that her platform allows her to influence and educate others.

In conclusion, Amanda Abbington’s Instagram apology came as a response to the escalating controversy surrounding her appearance on the upcoming season of Strictly Come Dancing. Seeking to avoid further misunderstandings, she clarified that she is not transphobic, expressing her support for the transgender community. Abbington acknowledged her responsibility as a public figure and vowed to be more considerate in her future interactions. Ultimately, she hoped that fans would continue to watch the show, emphasizing her desire to spread joy and entertainment.

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