This is how the royal family will pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II on death anniversary

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The nation is soon approaching the first anniversary of the death of the late Queen Elizabeth II, who passed away on September 8, 2022. As the anniversary approaches, Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Prince and Princess of Wales, are set to lead tributes to the late monarch. It is unclear whether their message honoring the Queen’s legacy will be delivered in person, broadcast on television, or released on social media.

In contrast, King Charles III is expected to spend his mother’s death anniversary quietly and privately at Balmoral in Scotland, where she passed away. Grant Harrold, former royal butler to King Charles and Queen Camilla, provided insights into the significance of the first year following the passing of a monarch. He stated that the public will want the anniversary to be acknowledged, and the royal family will reflect and remember the Queen during this time.

However, Harrold does not anticipate any formal events to mark the one-year anniversary. Instead, any commemorations are expected to be more reflective in nature. He believes that if the royal family has any royal duties on that day, they will carry them out as usual. Social media is likely to play a significant role in marking the anniversary with videos and posts.

Harrold also highlighted the royal family’s modern approach to social media and mentioned how William and Kate have shared behind-the-scenes videos of the King’s coronation in May. He suggested that there may be unseen footage or images of the Queen released as a way of remembering her.

Considering the late Queen’s religious beliefs, Harrold speculated that members of the royal family may choose to attend church on the anniversary, as the Queen always did to commemorate her father’s death anniversary.

In terms of King Charles and Queen Camilla’s plans for the day, Harrold believes they will keep it private and behind closed doors. It will be a day for the family to reflect and remember, and the King will not be making any speeches. However, he suggested keeping an eye on their social media channels for any tributes or shared memories.

After the anniversary, Charles and Camilla are reportedly scheduled for their postponed state visit to France. The couple had initially planned to visit in March but had to postpone due to protests over retirement age reforms. Additionally, there are rumors that the King and Queen may travel to Kenya in the autumn, marking Charles’ first major trip to a Commonwealth country since becoming king.

Overall, the first death anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II holds significance, but it is expected to be a more reflective and private occasion for the royal family. They are likely to utilize social media to share their tributes and memories, while also continuing with their royal duties.

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