Tiffany Gomas: Woman behind ‘not real’ plane tirade says her life has been ‘blown up’

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The woman who caused a scene and exited an American Airlines flight in July after claiming that a passenger was “not real” has spoken out about the incident for the first time. In a viral video, the woman can be seen yelling at fellow passengers and stating that she is getting off the plane for a specific reason. The woman has been identified as Tiffany Gomas, a 38-year-old marketing executive from Dallas, Texas. The incident reportedly started over Gomas’ missing AirPods. Gomas has now broken her silence, stating that her life has been “blown up” since the incident went viral.

Gomas claims that she has faced intense scrutiny since the incident, with people allegedly staking out her house and going through her mail. She also states that much of what has been portrayed in the media is inaccurate, but does not provide further details. As she was exiting the plane, Gomas made comments that prompted concern from flight attendants, who felt that the aircraft needed to be rescreened. This led to all passengers having to exit the plane and go through security again.

According to police documents, Gomas was distraught by the time officers arrived at the gate and tried to board the plane again. She ultimately received a verbal criminal trespass notice and was denied boarding. Gomas continued to attempt to come back through TSA screening multiple times before eventually being found waiting for an Uber outside the terminal. She was given a ticket for criminal trespass notice but was not formally arrested or taken into custody.

In a statement, American Airlines confirmed the incident and stated that the disruptive customer was removed from the flight. Safety and security are their top priorities, and they thanked both customers and team members for their understanding and professionalism during a difficult situation.

Following the incident, Gomas made her Instagram account private and took down her LinkedIn profile. The woman has declined further comment, and there is no information on whether any legal action will be taken.

In conclusion, Tiffany Gomas, the woman involved in the viral incident on an American Airlines flight, has spoken out about the incident, stating that her life has been greatly affected. The incident began over her missing AirPods, and her subsequent comments led to all passengers having to go through security again. Gomas faced scrutiny and has made her social media accounts private. American Airlines confirmed the incident and expressed their commitment to safety and security. The woman has not provided further details or commented on potential legal action.

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