Woman shares her response to random call asking for job reference for a stranger

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Some people have the opportunity to pay it forward in various ways, whether it’s at a drive-thru or by providing a job reference to a stranger. Emily, known as @spamhahee on TikTok, recently shared a story with her followers about someone mistakenly listing her phone number as a job reference. In the video, Emily explained that she had been receiving phone calls all morning from people asking for references for a person named Caitlin, whom she had no knowledge of. Instead of correcting the mistake, Emily decided to vouch for Caitlin, expressing her admiration for her work ethic and even making up heroic stories about her. She confidently assured Caitlin that she would surely get the job based on her glowing recommendation.

The video quickly gained attention and viewers joined in on the joke, leaving their own praises for Caitlin in the comments section. They praised her for her helpfulness, being a great leader, and even saving lives. The video has now amassed over 12 million views.

Fortunately, because of the video’s popularity, Emily was able to track down the real Caitlin, who emailed her and thanked her for the recommendation. Caitlin explained that she may have written down the wrong number and apologized for any inconvenience caused. While it’s unclear whether Caitlin actually landed the job, Emily promised to provide an update if she finds out.

The viewers were pleased to witness the closure of this amusing story. They expressed their satisfaction and relief, as the two individuals involved were able to connect and resolve the confusion. The TikTok community celebrated this outcome, commenting on how satisfying it was to see the situation resolved.

In conclusion, Emily’s TikTok video about mistaken identity as a job reference has garnered significant attention and engagement. What began as a simple misunderstanding turned into an entertaining and heartwarming tale of two strangers coming together. The power of social media allowed Emily to find the real Caitlin and provide her with a positive recommendation. This story serves as a reminder of the unexpected connections and moments of kindness that can emerge from everyday interactions.

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