Aces’ Riquna Williams arrested, facing 9 domestic battery charges

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Riquna Williams, a seasoned player in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) and a member of the Las Vegas Aces, the reigning champions, has been suspended from the team following her recent arrest on charges of felony domestic violence. The alleged victim is stated by authorities to be her spouse. Court records reveal that Williams is facing five felony charges, including multiple counts of domestic battery by strangulation, coercion with the threat or use of physical force, and assault with the use of a weapon. Additionally, she is also facing four misdemeanor domestic battery charges.

Despite her arrest, Williams was granted release from jail without bail just a day after the incident occurred. However, the judge ordered her not to have any contact with her spouse and mandated alcohol monitoring until her court appearance on August 2. The Las Vegas Aces have responded to the situation by preventing Williams from participating in any team activities, as they gather more information about the arrest. In a statement, the team condemned all forms of domestic violence and expressed their thoughts towards those involved, while emphasizing that they will refrain from making further comments until more details emerge.

The WNBA, in a separate statement, acknowledged the alleged incident and confirmed their ongoing efforts to gain a better understanding of the situation. According to the police report, Williams accused her spouse of infidelity before leaving for a hotel, taking several personal belongings, including a cellphone. After discovering evidence of cheating on the phone, Williams returned to the residence, leading to an argument. During the altercation, Williams allegedly physically assaulted her spouse, punching and kicking them, and attempting to strangle them.

Following the incident, Williams left the residence. Her spouse admitted to waiting several hours before contacting the police, as they initially lacked the courage to do so. The spouse reported that the alleged assault lasted for approximately one hour, and officers observed injuries to their throat, eyebrow area, and thumb. During the court proceedings, Williams’ public defender mentioned that she had been residing in Nevada for the past five years and argued that a no-contact order should not be an issue, as the alleged victim has either already relocated or is in the process of doing so.

Prosecutor Glen O’Brien addressed the court, drawing attention to the violence and harm inflicted upon the victim, although the victim’s identity was not revealed. Justice of the Peace Rebecca Saxe acknowledged that the charges stemmed from acts that occurred over an extended period. The Women’s National Basketball Players Association issued a statement through executive director Terri Jackson, stating that they were aware of the situation, monitoring it closely, and refraining from providing further comment at the moment.

This is not the first instance of Williams being embroiled in legal trouble within the league. In 2019, while playing for the Los Angeles Sparks, she was suspended for 10 games by the WNBA following a domestic violence incident involving an ex-girlfriend in Florida, which resulted in her arrest on felony charges. Furthermore, Williams has yet to make an appearance in the 2023 WNBA season due to a lower back injury.

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